Tips For Managing Automotive Liquidity Issues at Dealerships

Managing Automotive Liquidity Issues at Dealerships

Are You Experiencing a Car Dealer Liquidity Crisis Is your dealership experiencing liquidity issues? Many automotive dealers across the United States face a financial situation where they lack cash. At the same time have hard-to-sell vehicle assets sitting on their lot, collecting dust that could be quickly converted to currency if and when sold. In … Read more

What’s New In Automotive Marketing?

What's New In Automotive Marketing

Marketing Trends For Dealers As technologies advance, so does the way consumers shop for cars. Marketing trends have changed since the Internet became readily available to everyone, which is why automotive advertising tactics used by dealerships have swayed from traditional print ads to digital marketing ads. Even the past three years have helped reshape car … Read more

Car Dealership Apps That Help Sell More Cars

Automotive Apps To Sell More Cars

Automotive Apps To Get More Sales Leads As technology changes so has the car selling process. Twenty years ago most dealerships relied heavily on print ads. Ten years ago dealers couldn’t survive without PPC campaigns. And now, car sellers are starting to utilize more and more automotive apps to sell cars. Why Dealerships Should Consider … Read more

Reverse Auction App For Car Buying

Reverse Auction App For Car Buying

Fastest Way To Get The Best App Deal On A New Vehicle A reverse auction app is available for download that makes it easy for users to place offers on vehicles listed for sale. The Infoide® app connects you, the car buyer, with local dealerships. The app’s reverse auction process allows users to browse for … Read more

Why Dealerships Should Use An Automotive Reverse Bidding Auction App To Sell Cars

Why Dealerships Should Consider Using An Automotive Reverse Bidding Auction To Sell Cars

Brand New B2C Sales App For Automotive Dealers Worth Advertising Group (WAG) will soon release an updated version of the InfoRide® app to give dealerships a new lead generation source to sell vehicles. The latest version of the app will launch summer 2022 and will be available for both iPhone and Android users. App users … Read more

Car Buyer Lead Generation App For Automotive Dealerships

InfoRide® Car Deals & Sales App

Mobile Car Sales App For Auto Dealers Dealerships are always looking for new ways to find in-market car buyers and automotive mobile apps are a great place to advertise. Vehicle purchase apps give dealers access to consumers who are shopping for new vehicles in your local area. Internet Leads Alternative For Car Sales Most online … Read more