Automotive Retargeting Ad Campaigns For Dealerships: Online Targeted Advertising

Show Ads To People Who Visited or Interacted With Your Dealership

One of the most cost effective ways for car dealerships to advertise online is by creating retargeting ad campaigns. It’s an easy advertising method to set-up by creating online automotive marketing campaigns to reach potential customers who have visited your website, came into your showroom or interacted with your business on social media. As long as you have user and/or website data available, you will be able to serve ad campaigns showcasing your dealership and the vehicles you sell through retargeting campaigns.

Re-Engage In-Market Car Buyers Through Data Targeting

As you know, most customers do not convert into buyers right away and tend to shop around before making their final decision to purchase a vehicle. Retargeting ads regain their interest to return to your website which helps to increase the opportunity to turn then from a window shopper into a paying customer.

When you set-up a campaign to retarget website visitors or consumers who walked into your showroom, you will need to use data to reconnect with these people. There are several methods to setting up remarketing campaigns, you’ll just need to choose which source you want to target through.

Choose Your Target Audience From These Data Remarketing Sources:

  • Website Traffic (visited a page or viewed a specific vehicle model)
  • Customer Data File (email, address or phone number)
  • Mobile App Activity
  • Offline Contact (showroom leads)
  • Social Media Interaction

Once you have selected the data-source you want to target, you can set up your remarketing ad campaigns.

Effectiveness Of Using A Retargeting Strategy To Promote Car Dealers

Creating an ad campaign to target consumers who have already interacted with your dealership tend to produce better ROI than standard online marketing strategies. All of the people who will receive your retargeting campaigns are already familiar with your business and now you can create specific ads to serve them exactly what they already looked at or showed interest in. It is a great online marketing tactic that entices them to come back to your website or to contact you about purchasing the vehicle they saw.

Set-Up Automotive Remarketing Ads Through Search Engine or Social Media Ad Platforms

If you are ready to give remarketing ads a try, you have several choices for platforms you can use. You can choose to set-up a campaign on social media and/or using a search engine ad server.

Retarget Through Google Ads, Microsoft Bing Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linked

The best place to get instructions on how to set up retargeting ads is getting it directly from the source. We provide links to the step-by-step directions provided by the most popular platforms for running a remarketing ad campaign.

Google Ads (Adwords) Remarketing Set-Up

Microsoft Bing Ads Remarketing Set-Up

Facebook and Instagram Remarketing Set-Up

Twitter Remarketing Set-Up

Linkedin Remarketing Set-Up