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Worth Advertising Group (WAG) assists automotive dealers and manufacturers promote their monthly vehicle and service specials through highly targeted dealership marketing campaigns. Our automotive advertising agency specializes in matching dealers with in-market car buyers.

Car dealerships throughout the United States trust us to handle all of their automotive email marketing. We also help drive sales through our InfoRide® automotive sales app for iPhone and Android.

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Automotive Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is still one of the best online marketing strategies for OEMs and dealerships can use to reach existing and new customers. Automotive email campaigns produce positive results by increasing ROI, lead generation and sales. We comply with CAN-SPAM laws, increasing email inbox delivery while reducing spam complaints.

Build data-driven automotive conquest email lists to target local customers who haven’t purchased from you before. Our conquest email campaigns put you on a path to success by putting your dealership in front of a new audience.

Target ready-to-buy car shoppers with our auto intender email campaign. Our in-market car buyer email lists are up-to-date with accurate consumer information to ensure your emails reach people within your designated marketing area (DMA). 

Customer retention is vital in the automotive industry. Automotive retention email campaigns bring people back to your dealership website and showroom. Retention email marketing helps increase customer loyalty and engagement.

Reach car buyers with our up-to-date consumer email lists for automotive Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 marketing campaigns. We help dealers and OEMs get the best ROI by combining marketing messaging campaigns.

Send mass automotive marketing emails from our white-listed email server. We only send bulk emails to valid email addresses that are verified against our data lists to ensure compliance. We’ll get your vehicle offers into car buyer inboxes.

InfoRide® is a digital auction site working with dealers in communities giving customers great deals on vehicles.

Digital Auction For Dealerships:

    • Dealers have more cars than they can sell
    • Over-saturation of EVs
    • More Supply than Demand
    • Sending cars to auction cost roughly around $1,600 per vehicle due to auction and transportation fees. (Automotive News – 12/19/2022)


Email Advertising Services for Car Dealerships

Email marketing is still one of the best online marketing strategies for OEMs and dealerships to use. Automotive email marketing campaigns produce positive results by increasing ROI, lead generation and sales.

Worth Advertising Group


Car Sales Marketing For Dealerships and OEMs

Worth Advertising Group (WAG) works with dealerships and OEMs in the United States providing them with the best email marketing and in-app advertising solutions. Let’s work together to create a successful email marketing strategy to generate more qualified offers from in-market car buyers.


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