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Car Buyer Email Lists For OEMs & Car Dealerships

Automobile Industry Email List Specialists

Our auto intender email database helps automotive dealers target and then market to customers who may defect to another vehicle brand or are seeking to purchase the exact vehicle make from a different dealership.

We also help automotive marketers create auto intender opportunities to sell more cars. Our email list specialist pinpoints consumers who are actively in the market for a vehicle. WAG’s 3rd-party auto intender list management makes it affordable for marketing agencies to provide reliable email services

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In-Market Car Buyer Email Marketing Campaigns

Worth Advertising Group helps auto dealerships, dealer groups and franchisees identify ready-to-buy consumers in their designated marketing area with our auto intended email list services. We help connect you with people who have expressed interest and are looking to make a car, truck or SUV purchase soon.

To target the right consumers to get the most return on your marketing investment, we custom build auto intender lists that can include the targeted consumer data information.

Get your marketing messages in front of new drivers looking to purchase a new vehicle. Using auto intender data, we can connect you with parents of teens and young adult drivers who show an interest in buying a car, truck or SUV.

At some point, a vehicle needs replacing. Our auto intender email lists target car owners with older makes and models and in-market shoppers interested in buying a new vehicle to replace their old one.

Car owners loyal to a vehicle make, or a specific style are great candidates looking to upgrade their current cars. Our auto intender email lists are targeted based on dealership requirements to reach OEM brands, luxury car and supercar enthusiasts.


Families with teens getting ready to get their licenses or those who have more children on the way will need multiple vehicles in their driveways. We’ll target demographic information to create a list of car shoppers needing a 2nd, 3rd or… vehicle.

Car Marketing Lists

Ready To Buy Car Buyer Mailing Lists

Before a consumer walks into a dealership to buy a vehicle, they have already done most of the research. This discovery phase allows us to collect vital data on their personal preferences based on lifestyle, vehicle cost, safety features and car style, truck or SUV they want to buy.

You provide a target market description, and we’ll pull a data file of consumers who match your consumer demographics and requirements to find in-market car buyers. With this information, you can create cost-effective conquest email campaigns.

Examples of Car Buyers Who Intend To Purchase a Vehicle:

  • Interested in a specific type of make and model or style of cars like a sedan or hatchback.
  • Seeking a low fuel consumption, electric or self-driving vehicle.
  • Expecting new parents looking to upgrade to a larger vehicle such as a mini van or SUV.
  • Attracted to a luxury brand such as Mercedes-Benz or Porsche.
  • Empty nesters looking to downsize to a compact vehicle.

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    Email List Compliance

    We follow email industry best practices to optimize the health of our data files and to remain in compliance with current laws.

    • Compliant with the 2003 CAN-SPAM Act
    • Compliant with the Driver Privacy Protection Act of 1994
    • Compliant with the Shelby Bill Amendment