Targeted Automotive Email Marketing Campaigns

Automotive Lead Generation Email Marketing Companies

Choosing the right automotive email marketing lead generation company should be based on the quality of in-market car buyer data the agency has available. There are hundreds of email list and deployment companies who offer targeted automotive email marketing campaign support, however many times dealerships and OEMs end up working with a middle-man.

To get the best email lists and pricing, it’s best for automotive dealers and manufacturers to work directly with the consumer data owner. You’ll get the most current and deliverable email addresses to send offers to.

Emails To Generate New Car Sales Leads

Sending a promotional email to generate new car sale leads is an affordable way to reach local customers. To ensure your email campaigns reach opted-in car buyers, the email lists you send to should be scrubbed to remove undeliverables. A good automotive lead generation email list that includes targeted data such as income level, age of vehicle, military, and so forth, which helps your message land in the inbox of the intended consumer.

Best Practices For Email Lead Generation

The best practice for email lead generation is to send emails to subscribers to have opted in. In order to comply to this rule, the original list owner has to send out the email message. Within this marketing message needs to be an opt-out so people can unsubscribe. If your dealership purchases or rents an email list, you can not send it from your email system. This would violate the terms of use because it is a list you paid for and didn’t get individual permission from each person to send them emails.

Worth Advertising Group is a direct lead generation email marketing company which allows you to work around this technicality. We own the consumer data. By having full ownership and deploying campaigns on behalf of dealership, it keeps our email lists CAN-SPAM complaint.

How To Engage Car Buyer Leads Through Email Marketing

Measuring how data list contacts interact with your automotive email marketing campaigns is the best indicator of engagement. Buying or selling a vehicle is a big decision for most automotive intenders. Simply nurturing your email list with drip campaigns is not enough. You have to make your emails appealing, offer information, list the best monthly specials and provide clear clickable call to actions.

How To Generate More Dealership Leads

To get subscribers to engage more, identify your target audiences within your list. If you are targeting truck buyers and outdoor enthusiasts, the email messaging and promotions should reflect offers that appeal to this audience. The better you are at engaging email list subscribers, the better your chances are of generating quality leads.

Retention Email Marketing

Retention email marketing is a way for OEMs and dealers to continue nurturing their existing relationship with a customer who has purchased from them before. Retention emails are a way of bringing car buyers back to your dealership by sending them targeted promotional messages.

Cold Email Generator

Many dealerships and dealer groups succeed because they use cold emails to introduce themselves to local consumers. It’s an inexpensive way to lure potential car buyers into your sales funnel.

Cold emailing is a great way to increase sales leads. It’s a proven way to reach people looking to buy a new vehicle. No previous contact emails add an additional sales prospecting source for your business.