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Automotive Customer Retention Marketing For Car Dealerships

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Generate repeat dealership business by sending out customer retention emails. We manage automotive customer retention email lists and provide assistance with creating and deploying local, regional and national marketing campaigns for OEMs, dealerships and automotive service centers in the United States.

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Automotive Customer Retention Email Marketing Campaigns

Worth Advertising Group (WAG) assists in creating effective retention email strategies your dealership can use to keep customers returning for repeat business. Sending customer retention emails is still one of the most effective digital marketing tactics to turn one-time shoppers into loyal, long-term customers.

These engagement campaigns are suitable for building trust with local car buyers and developing customer relationships that outlast a single-vehicle purchase transaction, making customer retention marketing a valuable source for lead generation.

Don’t allow your competitors to steal your customers. Stay in touch with your automotive customers to keep them informed and engaged. Customer retention marketing helps to increase the chance that car buyers who previously purchased from your dealership will return when it is time to buy another car.

Dealerships should consider creating a customer retention marketing strategy that includes sending promotional emails containing parts and service specials and other vehicle maintenance information. Providing vehicle maintenance and service offers to car buyers is a great way to build customer loyalty.

Sending promotional emails with dealership offers is another way to keep customers informed after buying a vehicle or servicing it. Customer retention campaigns that focus on giving repeat customers special discounts have a higher ROI than campaigns that do not contain any money-saving offers.

Customer retention improves by sharing news, accolades and dealership events with past customers rather than hard-selling in every email. Sending out dealership updates helps show the kind and giving side of car dealers and their staff. Dealership newsletters are also great for inviting local customers to dealer events.

Auto Industry Customer Retention Experts

Targeted Customer Retention Email Lists

Worth Advertising Group manages dealership customer retention email marketing campaigns that help dealerships retain existing customers and keep them returning back. Retention marketing is an effective way to convince old customers to come back to your dealership for repeat business.

Customer Retention Email Lists Produce Results

  • Connect with your existing consumers ready to make another purchase.
  • Engage with recent customers to offer service specials and discounts.
  • Create a lasting bond with buyers by actively staying connected with them after their vehicle purchase.

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