Email Marketing Campaigns For Customer Retention

Automotive Customer Retention Emails

OEMs spend millions every year on acquisition campaigns to find new car buyers for their brand so it makes sense for dealerships to implement a customer retention marketing strategy to get them to return to your showroom or service center. By creating email marketing campaigns for customer retention, you can create a steady stream of revenue for your dealership by servicing vehicles and selling in-stock cars, trucks and SUVs.

Retention Marketing Campaigns For Dealerships

You never know when a person will need another vehicle, it could be within weeks or months from their last purchase. This is why it is imperative that dealerships use customer retention emails to stay in touch with their consumer base and update them on new offerings.

Retention emails should also include informative information to engage them. Sending promotional sales offers in every single retention email will result in a high unsubscribe rate. Educate them about your brand by including links to articles and other manufacturer resources. Auto dealers can build trust and become a leading source for automotive information by using retention email campaigns.

Automotive Customer Retention Strategies

Last year we shared an informative blog post containing automotive customer retention strategies for dealerships. Some of the most common types of retention marketing campaigns include direct mail marketing, parts/service offers, surveys and offering a customer loyalty program. By incorporating these in your marketing strategy, you can expect to see repeat business at your dealership.

Worth Advertising Group is a leading provider of automotive customer retention email marketing services. Our white-listed email servers will ensure that your bulk email campaigns are delivered to subscriber inboxes. Call us to find out how we can help.