Car Sales Marketing Ideas

Lead Generation For Car Salespeople

Every car salesperson wants to find a great source for auto sales leads to increase their monthly volume of vehicles sold. It’s possible for an individual salesperson to generate their own leads by investing some time and maybe a little money into marketing themselves rather than relying solely on your dealership’s marketing efforts to bring in automotive sales leads.

People who intend to purchase a vehicle make their decisions much faster than they did just a few years ago. Car buyers are spending less time shopping for vehicles due to dedicating more time to research vehicles and local dealerships online. They are a more educated buyer. According to research done by Cox Automotive, auto-intender audiences are spending approximately 14 hours researching vehicles before they contact a dealership or come to a dealer’s showroom.

This creates a unique opportunity for individual salespeople to infiltrate the car buying sales process. Consumers use all sorts of online resources to figure out which vehicle they want and where they will buy it. Here’s your chance to help guide them. By building your own online presence separate from your dealership, you can generate your own leads and customer referrals.

Marketing Ideas For Car Salesman

Promoting yourself online is one of the most effective ways to build consumer loyalty and attract in-market car buyers to contact you directly. Interacting and engaging people online with who you have connected with over the years is still one of the best sources for generating car sales leads. Building a personal car sales website, interacting on social media, creating videos and sending emails are some of the best ways to promote yourself as a car sales expert.

Personal Car Sales Prospect Website

Having a professional website built to promote yourself can become a great selling tool in the automotive industry. Blog websites are very popular and generate leads for site owners. Salespeople should share informative content about the vehicles they’re selling. Creating articles about new features, vehicle care tips and even sharing local community happenings you are involved with is a great way to build trust with local car buyers. We recommend that you work with an SEO content and website specialist to ensure you have a viable lead generation website that works rather than attempting to build a WIX website that is not SEO-friendly.

Automotive Social Media Content

Social media is probably the best source for individual car salespeople to build a following of loyal customers who will come back the next time they need a new vehicle. One of the most common questions is how can a car salesperson market themselves on social media. We recommend creating an introduction video of yourself for your social media page so people can get to know you. You’ll also want to connect with other people in the industry by sending them friend requests and page invites. The last piece of advice is to interact with your social media followers. Comment, like and share their posts.

Vehicle Walk-Around Videos

Dealerships have their own walk-around vehicle videos as do manufacturers. These videos have high production value and have a more corporate than personal feel to them. People who sell cars may be able to connect better with consumers by doing their own walk-around videos to show a new vehicle available for sale at a dealer’s lot. Your personal commentary and knowledge could pique interest from online users researching vehicles.

Retention Email Marketing Campaigns

There are 2 ways for a salesperson to do retention email marketing campaigns to stay in touch with past car buyers. The first way to do a retention email campaign is to ask your dealership to send an email campaign to your personal customers. Most dealerships use sophisticated email campaign management systems that will allow them to segment very specific consumers onto their own email list. The other method for staying in touch with your customers is to ask their permission to add them to your own personal email marketing subscriber list. We highly recommend you speak with your general manager to make sure it’s OK to send out personalized marketing messages to ensure you are not violating company rules or violating manufacturer compliance.