OEM Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing For OEM Companies

An original equipment manufacturer can help automotive dealers promote new vehicle sales by investing marketing money into your dealership. OEMs are known for providing financial assistance to local dealerships and dealer groups to help increase sales. OEM marketing strategies that utilize digital tools like email marketing will help build trust and loyalty with current and new car buyers.

OEM Inbound Marketing

When dealerships work together with OEMs they can stretch their marketing money further. Automotive marketing agencies can help build and support a successful OEM inbound marketing strategy. Generating online leads through a series of digital marketing tactics will result in an increase in car buyer leads. While most manufacturers have rules about what type of advertising they will contribute funds towards, most have room in their marketing budget to put towards email marketing, online ad campaign and local exposure through television commercials.

If you are interested in doing an OEM campaign, you’ll need to first contact your dealership’s manufacturer to find out what types of advertising assistance they are currently offering. High volume dealerships are more likely to get campaign money for individual promotions whereas small dealers may be grouped together into a localized or regional marketing strategy.

OEM Tier 1 & Tier 2 Marketing

Working with your OEM to grow your business is a cost-effective way to run ads.  The most successful campaigns that result in new car sales leads are Tier 1 and Tier 2 marketing. Manufacturers have annual marketing budgets set aside to help dealerships sell more cars. While Tier 1 ads are considered top-level automotive marketing, Tier 2 campaigns result in producing better leads because these types of ads have a local feel which connects better with car buyers in your designated marketing area.

If your dealership has never done a Tier 1 or a Tier 2 campaign, you should contact your manufacturer to find out if your company qualifies for marketing assistance. You’ll save some money by combining forces with your OEM who will help to pay for some of your dealership’s advertising cost.