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Worth Advertising Group (WAG) creates successful tier 1 marketing campaigns for the world’s top automotive manufacturers (OEM) to help promote new vehicle releases and product launches.  Our automotive digital marketing agency helps manufacturers build brand awareness and brand identity on a national level by providing targeted data lists to reach consumers in the United States.

What is Tier 1 Level Automotive Advertising?

National Automotive Ad Campaigns For Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

Tier 1 automotive marketing campaigns main purpose is to create brand awareness on a national level. Original equipment manufacturers create ad strategies and design campaigns to promote their line of vehicles by creating a connection with consumers across the entire U.S.A through video, print or web ads. These effective marketing campaigns help introduce the manufacturers vehicle line-up, grow brand recognition and improve customer awareness of available car models and features.

Manufacturers set aside annual budgets specifically for creating tier 1 ad promotions to target the entire country. Tier 1 automotive marketing is typically done through TV or radio commercials as these two forms of advertising have the largest national reach. This type of marketing can also include product placement in movies and television shows as well as sponsoring major sporting events,  annual festivals, live concert series and large pubic venues.

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Looking For Local or Regional Automotive Tier Marketing?

We also provide tier 2 and tier 3 automotive marketing to dealerships and dealer groups.