Lead Generation For Car Dealers

Auto Sales Lead Generation

There are many sources for generating auto sales leads; however, finding the ones that work best for your dealership location may require different testing strategies. Not all dealerships benefit the same way from digital marketing due to their demographic area. Some may see high ROI from social media campaigns, while others do not.

There are car dealers who continue to get car leads from traditional marketing like print and radio ads, while others refrain from it and only advertise online. Testing different automotive marketing lead sources will eventually pinpoint what works best for your dealership.

Another thing to keep in mind when measuring the effectiveness of a campaign is to determine if the people doing the work are the best ones to do it. Your marketing campaigns are only as good as the people creating them. You’ll want to hire the best lead generation specialists to provide the required services. If you are lucky, you may find one agency that excels at everything, or you may work with several agencies that take on different digital marketing tasks.

Lead Generation For Car Salespeople

Car dealers and the OEM brands they represent generate their own leads for their locations due to the strict guidelines they set for promoting their vehicles and services. These restrictions prevent car salespeople from actively advertising.

Most salespeople refrain from paying for ads due to cost, or the dealership they work for does not allow individuals to do so. Instead, social media promotion and referrals from previous customers are the best sources for car salespeople to acquire new customers. We recommend you speak with your dealership’s general manager to find out if you can pay to boost Facebook and Instagram posts to reach a bigger audience.

How To Generate Leads For Car Sales

Several automotive marketing sources can generate leads for your dealership. We recommend you try a combination of lead generation sources to determine which ones generate the most interest.

These are some of the most popular choices for generating car buyer leads:

  • Tier 2 Email Marketing
  • PPC and Retargeting Ads
  • Online Chat
  • Referral Campaigns
  • Local Search Engine Optimization
  • Acquisition Email Campaigns

Dealerships can also opt to run social media campaigns, including Facebook’s lead ads for auto dealers. Marketing managers can also advertise on car sales websites like AutoTrader listings or Cars.com.

Automotive Lead Generation Companies

You’ll find many great automotive lead generation companies in the United States that offer services to promote your dealership and OEM brand. Choosing the best automotive marketing agency for your dealership may take a little while, especially if you seek multiple digital marketing services providers.

To help narrow down your choices, our agency specializes in automotive email marketing. We also offer an automotive car sales app where dealers can list their inventory to solve liquidity issues. We have been in business for over ten years. Our company is a trusted source by dealerships and other automotive marketing agencies who outsource their email marketing services to our agency. We provide stellar service to our clients.