Dealership Acquisition Email Marketing

Grow Your Dealership’s Customer Base With Acquisition Emails

Automotive acquisition emails help connect you with local consumers to introduce your brand and dealership. As a leading email list provider, our company can create a highly targeted email list for an acquisition email campaign.

Car dealers and OEMs can choose who they want to send promotional emails to using our SPAM-compliant email list and campaign deployment services. You’ll get your marketing message in front of a new audience that you would not be able to connect with otherwise.

Using Email Marketing to Acquire Car Buyers

Email marketing campaigns are an effective strategy to acquire car buyers in your designated marketing area. One of the most significant benefits of using acquisition emails is you can easily reach people who have recently moved to the local area. In Florida, an estimated 329,717 new residents moved to the state between April 2020 and 2021.

Email Acquisition Best Practices

Due to SPAM-can laws, you can’t acquire an email list from a 3rd party if the email subscribers have not given you permission to email them directly. Your dealership could get in trouble and face legal action if you attempt to send acquisition emails without consent. Working with an automotive agency is a great way to ensure your dealership uses acquisition email marketing best practices when sending campaigns to people you do not have permission to email directly.

On the other hand, Worth Advertising Group (WAG) has permission from our email list subscribers to send email campaigns on behalf of dealerships and OEMs. Our email lists are scrubbed often to keep our data is kept up-to-date and current.

WAG’s list nurturing process ensures we only send acquisition campaigns to people interested in receiving them and have permitted us to contact them on your behalf.

Customer Acquisition Email Management

Managing a customer acquisition email list and campaign takes experience. Filtering out email list subscribers who have received a previous acquisition email is imperative to the automotive sales funnel process. Once a subscriber has been contacted and introduced to your dealership, you can begin to nurture the leads by sending promotional emails.