Automobile Industry Email List

Highly Targeted Email Lists

Dealerships who use targeted email lists will likely see higher ROI from their open rates. Sending emails to a list of subscribers who match particular data points allows dealerships to create unique campaigns focused on their intended audience.

Email marketing specialists can help pick out specific email list subscribers to create targeted campaigns. It makes more sense to send a promotional email featuring larger vehicles to people who have recently married or have children than empty-nesters or single people who prefer smaller cars. Having the ability to choose who your email campaign is going to is something your dealership should keep in mind when creating your strategy.

Auto Dealer Email List Provider

You’ll want to work with an email list provider that specializes in automotive marketing to reach the correct type of email subscribers. Worth Advertising Group specializes in automotive email marketing services, providing email lists and deployment services. Car dealers in the United States have access to our in-market auto intender lists that are highly targeted only to include the type of car buyers you want to reach.

Car Owner Marketing Lists

We encourage dealerships to send emails to local car owners for conquest purchases. When someone purchases a brand of vehicle they may have not previously owned from another dealer. Conquest emails create an excellent opportunity to upsell a newer model to them. Car owner marketing lists are also great for OEMs to promote their brand to people driving their vehicles.

Another reason dealers want to send emails targeted to people who own specific makes and models is to build retention campaigns. These are a great way to encourage someone driving your dealership’s OEM brand to bring the vehicle in for service or repairs.

Automotive Consumer Email Campaigns

While we may be a little biased in our opinion because we are an automotive email marketing company, we feel dealerships greatly benefit from sending out regular automotive consumer email campaigns to targeted lists. Email marketing is still one of the best ways for dealerships to engage with local car buyers by sending them content they’ll find interesting and useful.