Content Marketing For Dealerships

Automotive Content Marketing

We feel website content writing is worth the investment. It got you here to our website, didn’t it?

Automotive content marketing is an excellent way to grow your online presence. It’s one of the most underrated and least used marketing tactics for dealerships. Many dealers have content writers who produce text for ads and social media posts. However, most never even consider having web content written for their Dealership’s website because it doesn’t technically produce instant ROI.

What dealership marketing managers don’t consider is that a content marketing strategy will create long-term results when a professional SEO content specialist thoughtfully puts one together.

Content Marketing For Cars

OEMs provide dealerships with lots of promotional marketing pieces and information; however, it’s the same content every dealer receives who sells for the manufacturer, meaning there is nothing unique about it. Some dealerships even go as far as copying text directly from OEM websites to use on their own dealer website, which causes a duplicate content issue with Google. When this happens, the original content creator, in this case, the OEM, will have their web pages served at the top of search results and your pages with replicated content will be penalized and not shown by Google.

Dealers need to have creative content writers in place who are car people. You need writers who know the product. Unfortunately, people in charge of hiring writers to create content for dealers will just find a writer who is available rather than experienced. The end result is a night and day difference. A writer who knows cars and has a genuine interest in them will always write better content than someone who doesn’t for automotive companies.

Automotive Content Writing

Not all content writers are capable of writing informative and engaging content about the automotive industry. Many websites have run-of-the-mill topics that are written for the sake of creating content. This is why many automotive content writing strategies fail, and dealerships do not see any organic or referral traffic to their articles.

The entire purpose of writing web content is to answer questions, provide solutions to problems or offer valuable insight to potential in-market car buyers. What’s great about a content writing strategy is that the pages will live on your website long-term, which means you’ll see more traffic come to your website over time.

Car Blog Topics

Blogs are a great way to connect with people online who are starting their car buying process and searching online. Every Dealership should have a blog section on their website filled with articles about their OEM brand, vehicle features and other interesting topics that educate local car buyers.

Creating blogs that land in the featured answer snippet of Google or in the dropdown-related questions are the best ways to bring organic traffic to your website. The other upside to having a content strategy is your social media and online business listing managers will have new articles to share that will bring people to your website.