Why Dealerships Should Use An Automotive Reverse Bidding Auction App To Sell Cars

Brand New B2C Sales App For Automotive Dealers

Worth Advertising Group (WAG) will soon release an updated version of the InfoRide® app to give dealerships a new lead generation source to sell vehicles. The latest version of the app will launch summer 2022 and will be available for both iPhone and Android users. App users will have the ability to view vehicle inventories in a new format never seen before in automotive marketing.

How Our Automotive Reverse Auctions Help Sell Vehicles

The InfoRide® app makes it easy for car buyers to find the vehicle of their choice by simply swiping through our inventory of available vehicles posted by dealerships across the United States. InfoRide® users will be able to use our reverse auction feature for free, which allows them to submit their offer to purchase a specific vehicle.

Dealerships located within the designated marketing area of the potential car buyer will receive a direct sales lead with the vehicle information and the price they are willing to pay. You can either accept or deny the offer.

Benefits of Listing Vehicles in a Reverse Sale Auction

Uploading your inventory is easy after signing up to become an automotive advertiser on InfoRide®. Our app solves liquidity issues for car dealers by converting in-stock vehicle inventory into sales. Listing vehicles that have sat on your lot unsold for months now have a better chance of being sold using our automotive reverse auctions to get offers from in-market car buyers.

Best Car Selling App For Dealership Leads

As technology changes, so do the car buying process and how people make vehicle purchases. Consumers are seeking an easy and quick way to buy vehicles. Due to this reason, dealerships are adding online and mobile app buying methods to sell more vehicles. InfoRide® will be one of the best car-selling apps in the United States.

Advertise On InfoRide®

Dealerships interested in advertising on the InfoRide® app should contact Evan Worth at Worth Advertising Group to take advantage of introductory pricing. Call 352.519.5852 or click here to contact us via email.