Tier 2 Automotive Marketing

Tier 2 Automotive Marketing

OEM & Dealership Advertising – Tier 2 Automotive

Worth Advertising Group (WAG) creates effective tier 2 marketing campaigns for the automotive dealer groups or franchise car dealers working together with their manufacturer (OEM) to promote car sales and service in a regional designated marketing area (DMA).

Our automotive digital marketing agency helps car dealerships and manufacturers build a stronger relationship with the local community to improve brand awareness and to drive more consumers to local dealers. We provide targeted direct mailing and email address data lists specific to your dealership’s market needs.

What is Tier 2 Level Automotive Advertising?

OEM & Dealership Collaboration Ad Campaigns

Tier 2 automotive marketing campaigns main purpose is to promote on a regional level. Tier 2 marketing is used to reinforce automotive manufacturer tier 1 ads which help drive traffic to local dealers by offering localized deals available at multiple dealerships in the marketing area. These kinds of regionally targeted marketing campaigns help multiple dealerships build brand awareness together by reaching potential consumers within their local market.

Advertising funds for tier 2 ad campaigns are typically paid for by a group of regional dealers or franchise car dealership owners who each pay a share of the advertising costs along with financial assistance from the manufacturer. The dealer’s OEM will contribute advertising money to help pay for a portion of the ad campaign spend.

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Looking For Local or National Automotive Tier Marketing?

We also provide tier 1 and tier 3 automotive marketing to dealerships and dealer groups.