How Can I Market Myself As An Individual Car Salesperson?

What Can I Do To Increase My Car Sales?

Every person on the dealership’s sale floor is on an even playing field when it comes to selling cars. It’s just a crap-shoot whether you get the lookie-loo or an actual ready to sign on the dotted line car buyer.

Outside of the traditional and online advertising the dealer you work for does, there are several things you can do to build up your personal brand as well as increase car sales. If you enjoy selling cars and you are a people person, you are two-thirds of the way there. The last remaining part will require you to do some self-promotion.

Create a Personal Strategy For Increasing Car Sales

The first step is to figure out what you are comfortable doing. You’ll also need to be realistic about the strategies you choose as some do require more commitment than others. Are you comfortable attending networking events? If so, jot that down. Do you enjoy posting on social media? Taking videos of yourself? Great, scribble that down also.

For those who prefer to not be so active with their marketing may want to consider having a micro-website built and optimized for local search results. You’ll need to post content at least once a week or you can work with an SEO content writer to create new pages each month. This tactic will increase website traffic for new keywords as well as keep it fresh and interesting.

We offer some tips on how you can marketing yourself as an individual rather than relying solely depending on the dealership to bring in customers.

Simple Marketing Tactics For Car Salepeople

Your personality is your best selling tool followed by your knowledge of the vehicles you sell. Once you have these two down, it’s time to start promoting yourself as an individual car salesperson.

Use Social Media To Sell Cars

Spend your down-time between customers on social media? If so, why are you not promoting yourself and the vehicles you sell on your social media accounts? Might as well use that time to build up your brand and get more people to call you direct. Makes sense, right?

A few months back we wrote an article with tips on how car salespeople can promote themselves on social media. We list several tactics you can use to reach more car buyers. Connect with peers, create videos, join local groups and a few other ideas you can try.

Build A Micro-Website To Self Promote

Lots of sales people have their own websites. Real Estate agents, interior decorators, hair dressers and many others promote themselves separately from the business they work for. This allows their customers to find them if someone decides to change employers and goes to work for another company.

A simple blog format website will work best for promoting yourself as car salesperson. It’s best to avoid free/cheap website services like WIX as the end product will not work well to bring in organic traffic from search engines. Instead, invest into a WordPress website to ensure you have a great platform that Google and Bing like.

Revert To Traditional Marketing Methods

If you’re just not into the whole digital marketing thing, there are still several old-school tactics you can use to sell more cars.

  • Hand out business cards to people you interact with during the day. You can also leave them at businesses that allow you to leave a small stack of cards. If you’re really serious, have a few cheap plastic business card racks in your car so you can display them nicely if they will sit on a counter.
  • Ask for referrals from the people you just handed your business card to. It’s easy to ask friends and family to help spread the word so why not politely ask the person you introduced yourself to if they wouldn’t mind referring people they know are in the market to buy a car to contact you.
  • Start networking. Find local group events and meetups to introduce yourself to more local people. Make sure you have some common interest when attending networking events so you are not there for the sole purpose of getting people to buy a car from you. Be yourself. Have fun. And people will refer you because they like you for who you are and not what you do.