Car Buyer Lead Generation App For Automotive Dealerships

Mobile Car Sales App For Auto Dealers

Dealerships are always looking for new ways to find in-market car buyers and automotive mobile apps are a great place to advertise. Vehicle purchase apps give dealers access to consumers who are shopping for new vehicles in your local area.

Internet Leads Alternative For Car Sales

Most online marketing verticals are heavily populated with ads so finding an alternative internet leads source that generates inquiries is a great way to increase car sales. Automotive marketing apps are growing in popularity with car buyers marketing them as a great new source for lead gen.

New Car Buying App – InfoRide®

Worth Advertising Group (WAG) released a brand new automotive car buying app, called InfoRide™, earlier this year. It’s one of the best car incentives promotional apps available for dealerships to promote their vehicle inventory and resolve dealer inventory liquidity issues.

Our mobile app allows in-market car buyers to search for their preferred vehicle makes and model with ease. Ads that match the search query in their local area are displayed. When they locate your offer, they contact your dealership directly.

iPhone and Android App Versions

The InfoRide® app will be available for both iPhone and Android in the summer of 2022. Consumers will be able to download our app at the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

Automotive Dealer Lead Generation

A brand new lead gen funnel for your business – add your dealership to our automotive app. The cost is low and the results more than cover the small monthly service fee.

How Do I Find Car Leads?

Every month you’ll add your current vehicle inventory to the app. Your in-stock vehicles will be instantly published to the app where users will detailed vehicle information. When an app user finds a vehicle they want to purchase they will place a bid for the amount they want to pay. If and when you accept, you can notify the app user their bid has been selected.

Add Your Dealership To The InfoRide® App

Give us a call at Worth Advertising Group to add your dealership to our automotive app. We would love to talk to you about the opportunity to reach new customers in your local area and how we will promote your dealership. You can reach us at 352.519.5852.