What’s New In Automotive Marketing?

Marketing Trends For Dealers

As technologies advance so does the way consumers shop for cars. Marketing trends have changed since the Internet became readily available to everyone and the reason why automotive advertising tactics used by dealerships have swayed from traditional prints ads to digital marketing ads.

Even the past 3 years have helped reshape how car dealers promote their inventory and services to in-market car buyers. Dealerships are having to take their inventory online where car shoppers can now purchase the vehicle of their choice by never stepping foot on a dealer’s lot.

Latest Dealership Ad Strategies

There are 3 dealership ad strategies that are becoming popular choices for top car sellers in the United States. While traditional marketing like email marketing, PPC campaigns and social media promotions are still considered great for ROI, many dealers are seeking out new ways to market their vehicles to consumers.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

The first is VR/AR technologies. With Facebook creating the Metaverse, auto manufacturers are taking up virtual real estate to set up shop. Some have already set up virtual dealerships where people can view vehicles without having to actually get into a real car. Rumor has it that VR/AR users will be able to purchase vehicles in the Metaverse.

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)

Car sellers are starting to use NFTs as a promotional tool. An example is Barrett-Jackson which sold digital rights to cars that had already sold at their live auctions. This of NFT marketplaces as a way to profit from digital memorabilia. Each car your dealership sells could have its own exclusive NFT adding additional value to your vehicle.

Car Buyer Lead Generation Apps

Uploading vehicle inventories to car buyer lead generation apps are rising in popularity. Consumers know where to find the best deals and that is why reverse auction apps like InfoRide® are a great source for getting rid of vehicles inventory which solves liquidity issues for dealerships.

New Ways To Boost Sales At Dealerships

Trying different marketing tools that your dealership has not previously used could be a lead generation source that finally takes your advertising to another level. Investing some of your marketing budget into buying virtual reality ad space, creating custom vehicle NFTs or uploading your inventory to a car buying app are just three ways to tap into a new consumer base who may not be familiar with your dealership.