How To Sell Cars When People Are Staying Home

Take Your Car Dealership To Your Local Customers To Sell More Vehicles

Unfortunately, customers are avoiding coming to dealership showrooms because of social distancing. Auto dealers are losing business and it is no fault of their own. If you have no one coming to your dealership’s showroom, how are you supposed to sell cars?

While changing times require dealerships to adapt how they market and sell cars on a regular basis, the current medical pandemic is causing new car dealers to rethink how they can continue running their locations. With Coronavirus causing people to stay home due to self or government ordered quarantine, car dealers will have to change how they do business to get through these trying times.

So what can your dealership do to get car sales when people want to stay at home?

Increase Your Local Online Marketing Strategy To Reach More People Working From Home

There is an increase in the number of people working from home, not only because of COVID-19. A lot of employers allow their employees to work remotely. Working from home sounds easy but for some people, it can consume all of their time. They are also spending a lot of time on their computers and phones. This is why you should make sure your dealership’s website has a visible online presence and you are targeting the right demographics and geographical locations or regions.

Remarketing Ad Campaigns

Setting up or even improving existing remarketing ad campaigns is a great way to reach people who are in the market to purchase a vehicle. Consider lowering general PPC ad spending and put it towards ads to retarget people who already came to your website or social media pages. Keep your dealership and the vehicles you offer in front of them after they leave your website.

Even if they can’t buy a car today, they may purchase a vehicle tomorrow.

Targeted In-Market Buyer Email Lists

Another way to reach people staying or working from home who want to buy a car is to do very targeted email marketing campaigns sent to in-market car buyer email lists. You can send promotional emails with vehicles deals, special finance offers and service/parts promos.

Take The Car and Paperwork To The Customer’s Home

Simplify the process of selling a car by taking it to the customer. Work out the financing details before you drive the car to your customer’s home or workplace. Since you are bring the vehicle to them, it’s best to have their proof of income and a loan pre-qualification before you meet them in person. You’ll save your sales person and customer time and will reduce frustration if they do not qualify.

Today’s Car Buyers Want To Buy Online

A lot of dealerships are behind the times because they only sell cars in the showroom. Car dealers should take advantage of digitizing their car sales process if they want to make it easy for people to buy a vehicle. You’ll tap into a niche car buyer market who just doesn’t want the hassle of dealing with car salespeople and the finance department in person. Used car sales websites like CarVana, TrueCar and CarMax are paving the way when it comes to buying a car online.

Limiting Contact When Selling Cars

Due to illnesses like the Coronavirus spreading and infecting the elderly and those with underlying health conditions where their immune systems are weak, car salespeople need to take precautions when going to someone’s home or place of work. Each dealership should train their staff on proper procedures to ensure not only the safety of the general public but also their employees.

Another situation that required limited contact is when a person has a social disorder. People who have anxiety issues may have a hard time coming into a car dealership showroom and an even harder time when it comes to financing.

By limiting face to face contact by sending digital documents and collecting needed documents online, you’ll make the new car buying process a lot easier and less stressful for them.