Car Dealership Apps That Help Sell More Cars

Automotive Apps To Get More Sales Leads

As technology changes so has the car selling process. Twenty years ago most dealerships relied heavily on print ads. Ten years ago dealers couldn’t survive without PPC campaigns. And now, car sellers are starting to utilize more and more automotive apps to sell cars.

Why Dealerships Should Consider In-App Marketing

Finding new advertising funnels is one of the best ways to stay ahead of the competition and using automotive mobile apps is one of the latest ways for car dealerships to acquire new customers. Apps designed to sell cars give dealers a unique opportunity to promote in-stock vehicles. When you choose to become a marketing partner before your competitors do, you’ll have an edge on them especially if they do not see the value in them. Dealerships that participate in car selling app programs will see an increase in lead volume.

Promoting Dealerships On Car Shopping Apps

Advertising on these car shopping apps is usually affordable and cost-effective. Car sellers get direct leads and inquiries about available cars, trucks and SUVs for sale from in-market car buyers. Dealership owners and general managers should consider some type of in-app advertising.

Advertise On The InfoRide® App

The InfoRide® app allows dealers to easily remarket a car. You’ll have access to a web portal where you can quickly see all of the automotive reverse auction offers placed by car shoppers. Now through the end of the year, any dealer who becomes an advertiser on InfoRide® will get to promote their vehicles for free. This introductory offer is available through December 31, 2022. Contact us to join InfoRide®. We’ll get your dealership set up and selling cars quickly.