How To Reduce Email Bounce Rate On Automotive Dealership Campaigns

Improving Dealer Email Bounce Rates

You’ve acquired a great email list over the years by asking your dealership’s customers to opt-in for marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, when you send out a campaign, it tends to have a high bounce rate on opened emails meaning people are not clicking through to your website. This leaves many dealership marketers wondering what went wrong. The list was legit and contained subscribers who have done business with your company, but that doesn’t always mean you’ll have an engaged audience.

Being an email marketing company ourselves, we see hundreds of email designs and templates throughout the year. Most contain an array of information ranging from vehicles available for sale and service offers. The campaigns that tend to do better have a nice mix of text and images versus 100% graphics-heavy emails. Most email systems like Gmail and Outlook will truncate messages that are too long, so we recommend not cramming too much content into a single email. You’re better off breaking up your long-format email into multiple shorter emails and sending them out more often.

Tips For Reducing Bounce Rates On Car Sales Email Campaigns

How is it even possible that a person who was interested in receiving email campaigns from your dealership and not ever seen them? There are a few common reasons why this can occur; a change of email address, email campaigns landing in spam boxes or a subscriber doesn’t find any value in your emails and ignores them.

Send Email Campaigns Using A Reputable Email Service Deployment Service

The first step to ensure your subscribers get your email marketing messages is to use a reliable email sending system. Email campaigns not sent from trusted servers will never land in an inbox. Instead, it’ll bounce or end up in the spam folder. Dealerships throughout the United States trust our company to deploy mass emails on their behalf. Our safe listed servers allow emails to get through spam filters and land within inboxes.

A/B Test Emails

Doing split testing is a great way to determine what types of marketing messages work and those that don’t. You can send out the same email template layout; however, change colors and fonts to see how people respond. Try taking a long email format and cutting it in half to see if you get more clicks to your website. Even subtle changes like using variations of subject lines can improve your email rates.

Change Your Messaging From Selling To Educating

One of the hardest things to convince those in charge of dealership marketing is to stop selling in every email. People do not want to feel like they have to take out their wallets every single time your dealership sends them a message. Instead, educate your consumer base about the vehicles you sell by highlighting a single new car, truck or SUV instead of the usual 20 for sale. A good portion of your subscriber list will be ready to buy a new vehicle in the coming years, so use that time to entice them with vehicle features and upgrades. Including tips about vehicle maintenance and general care also tend to result in subscribers taking a new interest in reading email messages.