Bulk Automotive Email Marketing Services

How Can I Send Bulk Emails To Customers?

There is the right way to send bulk emails to customers and then there is the wrong way that can get you in some legal trouble. To send out bulk emails without issues, your dealership needs to follow CAN-SPAM Act rules when creating mass email campaigns.

What Is Bulk Automotive Email Marketing?

Bulk email marketing consists of sending out a single email campaign to a large group of emails subscribers at the same time. Most automotive email marketing campaigns include monthly specials, in-stock vehicles, service/part offers and invitations to dealership events. Bulk email marketing is also referred to as email blasts or mass emails.

Best Way To Send Out Mass Emails

There are several ways to send out mass emails to ensure messages land in the inboxes of subscribers. You can choose to use an email sending service or you can hire an email marketing agency to send mass emails out. Refrain from using your regular email account to send out marketing messages, personal or business email addresses only allow so many relays per day which means if you use them all up sending out bulk emails your email account may run out. If this happens, it takes 24 hours for your email relay permissions to get reset.

Sending Bulk Emails With Spamming

You can send out mass emails without getting flagged for spamming by using a 3rd party bulk email sending company that can cross-reference your subscribers with their email database to ensure marketing messages are sent from an account that has permission to email the people on the list. Due to the mass amounts of automotive emails that marketing agencies mail out, majority of list subscribers are matched up to confirm they are active and willing to accept emails.

Bulk Email Marketing Software

To figure out which bulk email marketing software is best for your company really depends on your ability and who will be responsible for deploying messages.

If you have a person in charge of emails, there are several email mailing platforms that you can use to send out campaigns to your subscribers. Email sending services like Keap CRM (formerly Infusionsoft), Mailchimp and Constant Contact are popular choices for individual dealerships and dealer groups.

For dealerships who prefer to outsource their email marketing, you’ll want to find an agency like Worth Advertising Group, who specializes in sending bulk emails to a massive list of subscribers. The other benefit of using an automotive email marketing company is the ability to send emails to an unsolicited list.