Automotive Service Department Follow-up and Reminder Email Marketing Campaigns

Retention Emails For Dealership Service Departments

Improving retention email marketing campaigns are known to increase the number of return and repeat customers at dealership service centers. Many automotive dealers are hyper-focused on selling cars and service department marketing is almost non-existent. For every 10 dealers we work with, only 30% invest a portion of their monthly advertising budget into promoting their parts and vehicle services. This allows the possibility for dealers to not only keep their customer base coming back, it could also result in acquiring new consumers through conquest campaigns specifically advertising repairs.

Automotive Service Department Marketing

To make a dealership’s service department stand out against competitors it is necessary to create a well thought out strategy that is different from your competitors in your designated marketing area. Offers on oil changes and tire rotations are typical for dealerships and brick and mortar mechanic shops to use as quick and easy promotions however there will not entice a customer to come into your dealership.

Dealers who come up with unique offers tend to see better results from their automotive marketing campaigns. Creating unique offers that competing dealerships are not offering can help to entice car owners to bring their vehicle to your service center. Some examples of service offers include reminder emails about 30-60-90 service intervals along with a coupon to save a percentage off maintenance. Another marketing idea for dealerships to get more people to fix their cars is to offer discounts . You can also share monthly promotions on parts like wiper blades, air filters and replacement floor mats.

Boost Dealership Service Revenue

Creating an auto-drip campaign is a great way to boost dealership service revenue. It allows you to send promotional messages and offers set to mail out at intervals. When a customer enters your service center, their email address should get added to your company’s email list.

Strategies To Increase Vehicle Service Sales

You can create multiple auto-drip campaigns depending on the condition of the vehicle. Cars older than 10 years may require more work than newer vehicles and marketing messages should reflect it. Offers for major repairs like AC compressors and transmissions will have much more impact when sent to owners of older vehicles who will eventually begin to have these problems.

Attract More Service Department Customers

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to attract more service department customers to your dealership. Whether you’re doing a retention campaign or an acquisition strategy to steal customers from competitors, a solid marketing strategy created specifically for service and parts is a great way to make more money with little effort.