2021 End of Year Automotive Marketing Trends

Trending Dealership Marketing Strategies

We’re half way through 2021 and dealership marketing trends have changed from previous years. Just two years ago, majority of dealerships were primarily focused on promoting new and used car sales. Between 2020 and 2021, dealers have had to face many challenges that they haven’t encountered in the past and this is why dealerships really need to consider changing how they promote in order to compete in today’s market.

With online car buying companies like Carvana and Vroom coming on to the scene, local dealerships are feeling the pinch. Consumers no longer want to enter dealerships and want to buy their vehicles online from the convenience of their own home.

Fine Tuning Marketing Messages To Relay Accurate Information

Sending our marketing messages with accurate information is necessary. If you are promoting your dealership as having the “largest selection of used vehicles” when your inventory is 50% less than previous years is an example of inaccurate information. Be honest in your marketing campaigns and tell consumers that stock is down due to high demand however you have the “best selection of used vehicles” in town. Going with quality over quantity is a much better marketing statement than trying to fool people into thinking your lot is overflowing with vehicles.

Automotive Marketing Ideas

Automotive dealerships looking for marketing ideas to improve their marketing for end of year sales should consider changing their marketing messages so they are no “car sales” heavy. With lower than normal inventories and shortages of used vehicles, dealerships should create promotions that offer the following:

Change How You “Talk Up” Your Dealership

Inviting consumers to visit your dealership’s showroom is no longer the norm due to the recent pandemic. People do not want to go to a dealership these days like they did in the past. Rather than sending out superficial marketing messages about the service you offers, you’ll want to focus on communicating what your dealership is doing differently to protect car buyers. Talk about your new curbside services, online vehicle purchasing and even home delivery.

Focus More On Fixed Operations (Fixed-Op)

In recent months there has been a shift from only promoting new and used car sales to also including fixed operations services. By offering parts and service offers, you’ll nurture your relationship with car owners which increase sales at your dealership. Create marketing campaigns that offer specific promotions for oil changes, tires, regular engine maintenance and repairs.

Promote Buying Used Cars (Trade-Ins)

With inventory being at an all time low due to demand, many dealerships are opting to promote “we buy cars”. Enticing people who are in the market to purchase a new vehicle have an old vehicle they’ll need to get rid of. By offering incentives for “trade-ins”, your dealership can build an inventory of used vehicles and sell off new cars, trucks and SUVs.

Shifting From Showroom To Online Sales

Dealerships need to consider taking their from sales from solely  the salesfloor to also incorporating online sales in 2021. Not only do you have consumers who prefer to do all of their transaction online, you also have a consumer base who doesn’t want to leave their home due to Covid. In order to capitalize off this market sector, your dealership needs to incorporate the option to purchase a vehicle on your dealer’s website with just a few clicks of the mouse.