Auto Dealer Services Company To Promote Automotive Sales, Service and Parts

Automotive Remarketing Agency Increases Dealer Profits

You can use different types of auto dealer services to get more people to contact you about a vehicle available sale or a service your dealership offers. Using traditional digital marketing strategies like PPC and social media are great ways to promote specials and current inventory. Adding a remarketing ad or email marketing campaign is a great way to keep your brand in front of the consumer.

Car Dealer Service Marketing Agencies

Majority of dealer ad spend is spent to promote new and used car sales. Creating a car dealer service marketing strategy helps dealerships increase profit by driving more business to their service and parts departments. Automotive retargeting and remarketing campaigns act as a constant reminder between customer visits. Automotive marketing agencies help setup and manage these types of campaigns whether it’s for just one dealership or a multi-franchise.

Auto Dealer Marketing Services For New and Used Cars

Targeting consumers who have looked at specific makes, models or even years of vehicles on your website helps get your marketing message in front of an in-market car buyer than traditional advertising methods like direct mail or standard PPC campaigns. Creating a remarketing campaign to serve ads to online users reconnects them with your dealership and helps to entice them to contact you.

A vehicle remarketing strategy is necessary for used car, trucks and SUVs. In order to unload the vehicle quickly, auto dealer marketing services are needed. With a highly targeted remarketing campaign, you can sell older vehicles by promoting used cars in your remarketing campaigns. Not all consumers can afford a new vehicle which makes it a great tactic to include used ones in remarketing ads.

Automotive Parts Marketing

A different strategy is needed for dealerships who want to promote their automotive parts department. Campaigns need to be highly targeted to reach consumers who drive a specific year make and model. You wouldn’t want to serve remarketing campaigns for Ford parts to an owner of a Toyota. Work with your marketing team to come up with a unique plan to sell more parts to consumers and local mechanics.

Automotive Service Department Marketing

Two of the most effective ways to increase sales in your service department is using a combination of retention and conquest marketing strategies to offer deals on oil changes, wiper blades, tire rotation, new battery and other maintenance services. You can also communicate effectively to car owners about repair services your dealership offers like brake and rotor replacement, A/C tune-up or replacing a broken starter.

Online Marketing Services For Car Dealers

We mentioned a few online marketing services that car dealers can use to grow sales and increase showroom foot traffic. Finding what works best for your dealership will take some time. In the beginning it can feel like trial and error, however like any other marketing campaign, it takes some time and testing to get it fine tuned. With the right combination of online marketing services, you’ll see an increase in both online and phone lead generation.