Car Buyer Leads and Dealership Lead Generation

Automotive Dealer Lead Ideas For Marketing

Generating leads to get more people into your dealership can be done several ways. Three of the most common are website leads, email marketing leads and the newest source for quality leads being automotive car deals apps.

Lead Generation Services

While we are only going to touch on two lead generation services, you can get potential car buyer requests from lots of sources online. Some of the most notable are paying to have your vehicles listed on major automotive listing websites like and AutoTrader. You’ll also find automotive marketing agencies who offer a variety of lead general services including direct mail, social media and SMS messages.

Our agency, Worth Advertising Group specializes in generating dealerships and manufacturers email marketing leads and automotive mobile app lead generation through InfoRide®.

Automotive Email Marketing Leads

Email marketing leads are one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies for car dealers and OEMs. Highly targeted email lists allow dealerships and car manufacturers to get their promotional messages in front of in-market car buyers.

Our agency is one of the leading automotive email providers in the United States. We provide up-to-date email lists and we also offer email sending services through our white-listed email server.

What Are Email Leads?

Email leads are a marketing tactic that involves collecting contact information submitted through marketing opt-in forms after a person receives a promotional email campaign. Typically, email leads will include a name, phone number, email address and other personal information requested on the lead form.

Car Sales Leads App

In 2022, Worth Advertising Group will be launching a brand new car sales leads app. InfoRide® allows single dealerships, dealer groups and vehicle manufacturers the opportunity to generate leads from a brand new source. The app will be available for download at the Apple App Store and also on Google Play for Android.

Generate leads your competitors haven’t tapped into by becoming an advertiser on InfoRide®. Call us at (352) 519-5852 to list your in-stock vehicle inventory.

What Are App Leads?

Unlike email leads, app leads are generated directly from mobile apps. Lead generation from iPhone and Android apps can come from clicks or lead form submissions. Clicks from apps are typically sent to a website or custom landing page while lead form submissions are sent to a designated email address.

New and Used Car Leads

Finding car leads to sell more new and used cars is a competitive market. Most dealerships advertise on the same websites and use the same marketing services. When a new automotive lead generation option, like the InfoRide® app, becomes available, dealerships and OEMs who join early on tend to have the most success solely due to brand and name recognition.

Grow your business with email marketing and mobile app lead generation services provided by our automotive agency.