Successful Email Marketing Tips for Car Dealerships

Boost Sales At Your Dealership With Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to boost sales at your dealership. It’s easy to create an effective email marketing strategy to generate leads for car sales and service when you work with an agency that specializes in email lists and campaign deployment.

Automotive Email Marketing Lead Generation

With a solid email campaign game plan, you can increase the number of in-market car buyer leads your dealership receives each month. According to V12, only 57% of automotive dealers send out email campaigns on a monthly basis. Nearly half of all dealerships neglect sending out email promotions which means there is a good chance your dealership could be the only car seller who is sending email campaigns to local car buyers.

Effective Dealership Email Lead Strategies

The best email marketing campaigns for dealerships usually include a combination of information that entices in-market car buyers to contact your car sales department. Most emails contain the run of the mill monthly offers and specials offered by manufacturers on new vehicles, used car inventory and some may even include links to helpful articles about caring for vehicles.

To figure out what works for your dealership, we recommend doing A/B tests to help figure out what your email list subscribers prefer to receive and what makes them click on a link or initiate a call.

High Quality Consumer Email Lists

You need a good email list to have a successful campaign. An old, out-dated email list is a complete waste of your time and money. Having an up-to-date email list of people who are ready to buy a vehicle will increase your chances of generating leads for your sales team. Not only is a current email list necessary, you should also consider segmenting your email lists to reach the right type of buyer. If you are not targeting the correct type of consumer, you won’t get any leads. So make sure if you are trying to increase new car sales, you are not sending to a list of people who are only interested new car sales.

Engaging Email Content

The content you send out is just as important as having a good quality email list. If you’re creating email marketing campaigns that do not include offers or deals, you are not giving the consumer a reason to contact you. On the other hand if you constantly only send out emails with promotions, you’ll more than likely end up with a stale email list because people do not want to buy something every time you send out an email blast.

Creating an engaging email requires a combination of sales and useful information. By providing your email list subscribers a combination of insightful information to help them care for their vehicles and discounts on services other than having to purchase a car, truck or SUV, your email list will have much better open and click-through rates.

Mobile-Friendly (Responsive) Emails

To ensure your HTML marketing message can be seen and read by your subscribers it needs to coded the correct way. Coding an email is not the same as a website as email programs like Outlook tend to have issues because it does not support CSS and other programming languages. You’ll want to test your HTML emails before you send them out to your list to ensure they look good on all devices including desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.

Reliable Email Server

You could have the best email list in the world but without reliable email servers to deploy your campaign, your message will never make it into the inboxes of the email list subscribers. There are several email marketing services available for dealers to use however many do not allow you to import an email list that you did not create. If you purchase an email list from a 3rd party, you risk having your email account suspended. Instead, dealerships who are doing email marketing lead generation are better off using a company like us who specializes in sending out bulk email campaigns for dealerships.

Email Marketing Lead Providers For Car Dealerships

Worth Advertising Group is one of the leading email list providers for car dealerships in the United States. Our automotive advertising agency provides full-service email marketing services to increase lead generation. With our services, your phones will ring more and you’ll see more digital leads come through your website.