Best Email Campaigns For Dealerships

Emails Are Proven to Drive Vehicle Sales

Emails are still one of the best ways to connect with local car buyers. Dealerships who take the time to plan out their email campaigns have a much greater success rate than dealerships who don’t. A well-thought out email promotion that is targeted to reach the right type of customers is one of the most important things dealers can do to drive new and repeat buyers local dealerships.

Email marketing allows the ability to target high intent in-market car buyers. Sending potential shoppers who have already visited your website, social media pages and even your showroom, is a great way to promote vehicles specials, service and part offers as well as monthly sales events.

Email Marketing For Dealerships

Dealership email marketing is not the same as small business or e-commerce advertising. Local dealers need to create engaging email offers and send them to highly targeted consumer lists. The competitive nature between dealerships requires an expert email specialist to ensure the best return on investment. Generating leads from emails is a great way to get the phones ringing as long as your emails are ending up in the inboxes of the right people. You’ll also need to offer great deals and useful information within your marketing messages to catch the consumers attention before your competitors do.

Email Marketing Service Providers

There are a lot of email marketing service providers for dealerships. Unfortunately content management systems with build in inventory integration do not. Dealerships tend to find an email marketing service provider like Infusionsoft or GetResponse if they have an internal email marketing team. If they want to outsource their automotive email campaigns, they will hire a company like Worth Advertising Group to handle mailings.

Car Buyer Email Lists

Sending marketing messages to an email list containing in-market car buyers is the best way to generate new car sales leads. Be weary when buying or renting an email list from a source that sounds too good to be true. 1 million emails for $100 is a deal. Or is it? The quality of the list and data it contains matters. Cheap lists usually mean they contain out-dated consumer information and email addresses which will result in a high bounce rate. You’ll want to invest in a quality lead generation email list to get the best ROI.

Targeted Email Marketing

Before calling an email company about email lists for targeted email marketing campaigns, figure out the best consumer audience for your dealership.

  • Age
  • Gender
  • HHI
  • Geography (State, County, DMA, City, Zip, Radius around Zip)
  • Credit Score
  • Current Make/Model

By providing this information, the email marketing company can compile a list of active car buyers for you to target.

The Best Automotive Email Marketing Companies

Worth Advertising Group may be ‘small’ compared to some of our competitors but that doesn’t mean we can’t compete with them. Our automotive email marketing agency is one of the leading email list providers in the United States. We work with OEMs, dealerships and 3rd party automotive marketing agencies who outsource their email list and deployment to our company.

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