Automotive Service Department Marketing and Parts Advertising

Increase Dealership Service and Parts Leads

Wondering how to increase sales at your dealership by tapping into other revenue streams? One way is to focus on generating service and parts department leads to increase vehicle maintenance and repairs.

Get More Customers To Your Service and Parts Department

By creating an automotive retention marketing strategy, many dealers lure car buyers back for service and parts. Dealerships who choose to create campaigns to grow their on-site maintenance services revenue tend to have better monthly sales numbers than dealerships who only promote new car offers.

When dealers do a great a job marketing their vehicle service and parts departments, not only are they getting repeat business in between car purchases, they are also positioning themselves to be the dealership of choice when the customer decides it is time to replace their car or truck.

Automotive Service Department Advertising

Creating an engaging and effective automotive service department advertising campaign will take a little time and effort if you are just starting out. There is a balance to creating an ad or email marketing campaign to promote dealership maintenance services.

The first step is to build trust with the consumer. One of the biggest obstacles service and parts departments face is the negative view most people have about servicing their cars at dealerships. Some of the most popular questions people ask Google when it comes to servicing vehicles at dealerships are:

  • Should I take my car to a dealer for service?
  • Do car dealerships rip you off on service?
  • Do dealerships overcharge for service?
  • Are dealer service fees negotiable?

Not very positive, right? It’s your marketing teams job to change minds. Convince them first that you offer the best service in town and then prove it by backing it up at the dealership. Impress them by offering great service and deals.

Best Ways To Reach Car Repair and Maintenance Customers

The same marketing tactics you are using to sell cars will also work for promoting vehicle maintenance departments. Get you brand, your monthly specials and local offers in front of local customers.

The best ways to advertise service and parts specials:

Dealership Marketing Support For Maintenance Services

You may have your car sales marketing strategy running like a fine tuned machine but your service and parts department promotion is non-existent. Many dealerships neglect their maintenance services and this is why the dealer GM’s who market these services are running some of the most profitable dealerships in the United States.

If your in-house marketing team or your automotive marketing agency doesn’t do a good job promoting services and products other than selling cars, it’s time for you to consider demanding they do.

Car Dealer Service Marketing Agency

Sometimes it is just easier to outsource some aspects of dealership marketing rather than relying on existing people. Hiring an automotive marketing agency who has experience with car dealer service marketing will allow your existing team to continue working on car sales promotion. The other upside to hiring an automotive marketing agency to promote your service and parts departments is their ability to target consumers who are in immediate need to bring their vehicle for service, maintenance or repairs.