New Google Car Sales Ads Format For Car Dealerships

Google Merchant Center Vehicle Data Feeds For Ads

A new ad format is available for automotive dealerships through Google Merchant Center and Google Ads. These vehicle ads will now allow dealers to advertise their entire inventory of in-stock vehicles to users searching on Google. The new ads will display the year, make and model along with pricing information, mileage, a photo of the vehicle and the dealership’s name to which the ad belongs to. Like standard Google ads, when a user clicks on the vehicle showing in search results, they are taken to the exact vehicle’s page on the dealer website.

How Do I Create Vehicle Ads To Show In Google Search?

You’ll need to have a Google Merchant Center account to create vehicle ads. Google advertisers need to create a vehicle inventory data file that includes detailed information about the car, truck or SUV. Some data fields include makes, models, vehicle conditions and pricing. Once you have created your vehicle data feed, you’ll need to connect it to your Google Merchant Center.

Why Your Dealership Should Use Google’s Vehicle Data Ads

According to statements published by Google, advertisers who complimented their existing Search campaigns with vehicle ads saw a +25% average increase in conversions during beta testing. In the same article, some dealerships who have tried these types of ads saw conversion increases as high as 35% and even 55%. If this is true, it’s a win-win for automotive dealerships already investing money into PPC campaigns. Taking ad campaign money from low-performing campaigns and moving it over to vehicle feed ads could increase your conversion rates for leads generated.

Head over to Google support to read their vehicle ads overview for a full explanation.

Benefits of Creating Google Vehicle Data Feed Ads

By displaying your inventory through Google’s vehicle data feed ads, you’ll create a new funnel for lead generation. These leads will be more qualified because the ads provide essential information and visuals that customers are looking for when they are ready to purchase. Another benefit of using these ads is the system’s automated targeting to ensure your listings are served when someone does a search in your marketing area that matches your inventory. The final benefit is increased exposure that helps to build your branding online.