Dealership Marketing Support

Auto Dealer Marketing Assistance

The realization that your dealership is falling behind in getting the latest promotions out is a good sign that you need help. Many dealers will eventually reach a point where they’ll have to make the decision to hire additional in-house marketing specialists or to outsource the work to an outside company like Worth Advertising Group.

Strategic Digital Marketing Services

A digital marketing strategy is the best way to plan how your dealership will promote its vehicles to reach marketing goals. Automotive marketing agencies can step in to assist with portions of your car sales strategy to free up your team from having to do it all. Hiring a company that specializes in automotive marketing to take on some of the responsibility can also lower costs and produce better ROI from your digital marketing efforts.

Here are two automotive marketing services we can provide support for:

Car Sales App

Advertising on a car sales app is one of the newest ways to generate fresh car leads for dealerships. Auto dealers will find a lot of car buying apps for iPhone and Android devices that allow you to list your inventory of vehicles for sale. Some of the traditional marketing apps are, Auto Trader and Edmunds.

Dealerships can also take advantage of reverse car sales auctions on our brand new car buying app InfoRide®. For more information about listing your inventory on this, please contact us for more information.

Automotive Email Marketing

Sending emails to your customers is one of our niche services. Our automotive retention email marketing campaigns keep loyal customers coming back to your dealership. We also provide in-market car buyer email lists and assistance with acquisition campaigns to lure customers to your dealership who have not purchased from your before.

Digital Marketing Solutions For Dealers

Using a combination of digital marketing solutions like social media, email marketing, in-app advertising and PPC campaigns are some of the best options for dealerships to attract customers to their showrooms.

Hiring an automotive marketing agency to handle some or all of your online campaigns is vital if you are short-staffed or your in-house team is underskilled. The level of expertise and execution of marketing tasks will allow you to spend time where it’s needed, on the dealer showroom floor.