What Are The 5 Types Of Automotive Email Marketing?

5 Most Common Email Marketing Types

The 5 most common email marketing types that automotive dealerships and manufacturers use are acquisition, conquest, retention, newsletter and promotional campaigns. These types of email campaigns are the best for not only keeping your current customers but also to gain new ones. By using a combination of these email types, you’ll experience a better engagement rate from your automotive email lists.

Dealership Email Marketing Ideas

Email direct marketing, also known as EDM, is a cost effective way to send marketing messages to car buyers and people interested in service or parts specials. Dealership campaign messages should engage users by providing them useful information about current offers and promotions. We find that dealers who take the time to educate consumers on their email lists will see a much greater ROI than dealers who only promote in-stock makes and models.

Creating a successful email marketing strategy for your dealership can be done through by using these email marketing ideas:

Successful Email Campaign Types For Dealers

In order for dealership’s to have a successful email marketing campaign, a combination of the following 5 types of emails works best for automotive dealers. You need a combination of email styles to create the perfect balance between sales and information.

Acquisition Email

Acquisition emails are marketing campaigns used to gain new customers by promoting what your business has to offer. By targeting new audiences using an acquisition email strategy, you’ll introduce yourself to consumers who may not know you exist in the local area.

Conquest Email

Conquest email marketing strategies are used to lure customers from other similar businesses in your designated marketing area. Conquest emails can be a great way to steal customers from your competitors especially if your pricing is better, your business is located closer and you offer services that are needed.

Retention Email

Retention emails are sent to existing customers to continue building a relationship with them in hopes they will continue to do business with your company. Retention marketing campaigns usually contain offers to entice people to return back to your business for more services or to purchase another vehicle.

Email Newsletters

Branded email newsletters are a great way to share important updates and information about your company. Email newsletter campaigns are used to communicate non-sales related content with email list subscribers. Many companies use email newsletter to share important milestones, local events and articles related to caring for vehicles.

Promotional Emails

Promotional emails usually consist of special offers and monthly deals. Email campaigns created specifically for promoting products or services can also be used for acquisition, conquest and retention email marketing blasts.