Automotive SEO Marketing For Car Dealerships

SEO For Car Dealer Websites

We know SEO works. It’s more than likely the reason why you found our automotive marketing website.

Every car dealership should implement an SEO strategy for their website to gain top rankings for as many automotive car buying keywords in your local market area. SEO is one of the most cost effective automotive digital marketing strategies that will always produce long-term results when done correctly by a professional.

Automotive Search Engine Optimization

Creating an effective SEO strategy requires dealers to not only implement the tactic which many dealerships fail to do but also continue optimizing their website to continue improving their search result positions. This is why we recommend creating an on-going strategy that consists of writing engaging content and adding service or specific vehicle feature pages to educate your local consumers. Having new web pages added to your website on a monthly basis will expand the number of people who come across your content while searching on Google.

SEO Tips For Dealerships

Most automotive websites using platforms like and have built in optimization that auto-populate SEO fields, many of these websites run into two issues.

The first is a very common issue many experience – inconsistent text formatting. An example of this is not having the same mandatory format for entering text fields – 2022 Honda Accord vs 2022 HONDA Accord vs 22 Honda Accord vs 22 HONDA ACCORD. If your website is pulling this style content to populate your META title, they will not be uniform. Online users respond much better if they resemble one another.

The second issue you will run into is duplicated META data fields. If you are using the same content on multiple vehicles, you risk having several pages on your website display the same exact text. Google penalizes websites for duplicate content even if the web pages contain completely separate vehicles. Writing SEO titles and descriptions manually will not only ensure each page is unique but also contains target keywords that best describe the car, truck, SUV or van listed for sale.

Local Automotive SEO Tactics

On top of optimizing your web pages you should invest time into optimizing and actively posting to your Google My Business page. Google maps is one of the best online and mobile app sources where consumers find local businesses. The standard practice is to solely monitor reviews and respond to them while posting photos and creating updates will help greatly improve your dealership’s GMB listing online presence.

Automotive SEO Marketing Company

General managers and owners of dealerships should take SEO seriously and realize it is a vital online marketing strategy that works. It’s one of the hardest sells for digital marketing companies to convince someone who doesn’t have any experience with SEO or had a previous encounter that consisted of working with someone who wasn’t as knowledgeable as they said they were.

We understand it may be tough to trust another search engine optimization marketing company however good SEO companies exist. The best way to find a trustworthy company who knows what they are doing is to first ask who people you know are using and then spending a little time looking up their reviews online. It’ll help you find a company is knows what they are doing.