Automotive Dealership Email Marketing Campaigns

Car Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is still one of the best ways for dealerships to reach car buyers. Automotive dealership email marketing campaigns that are sent regularly help drive traffic to dealer websites and keep local customers informed about your current inventory of vehicles.

At any given moment, the people you email may need to buy or lease a new car or to replace their existing one. Vehicles break down, get damaged in accidents or just become old and unwanted, which means they need or want a replacement car, truck or SUV as soon as possible. Email marketing campaigns are great for keeping your dealership and brand in front of them.

Automotive Email Marketing

Consistent automotive email marketing helps attract customers to contact your dealership and sell more cars. You’ll be able to showcase your entire new and pre-owned inventory of vehicles, along with monthly specials and vehicle maintenance offers. Using the services our automotive email marketing agency provides gives dealerships access to hyper-targeted in-market car buyer email lists that will maximize revenue and customer retention. With an enticing subject line, clear call to action (CTAs) and a visually pleasing email, your dealership can generate leads that turn into car sales.

Bulk Car Dealer Email Campaign

Sending bulk emails regularly to local customers is an affordable way for car dealers to get their messages and promotions out. The ROI from bulk car dealer email campaigns is worth spending money on versus other online marketing strategies with lower engagement rates.

Bulk email marketing opens and click-through rates can be tracked through the bulk email deployment service provider, and then online user interactions can be viewed through Google Analytics. These data measurements can then fine-tune your ongoing campaigns to improve user engagement.

Dealership Email Sending Services

While some dealerships use services like MailChimp, Constant Contact or dealer-specific systems like Dealer Lead Track to manage their email lists and deploy emails, it is a good idea also to use 3rd party companies such as ours to grow your email marketing reach. Using automotive email marketing sending services to send emails to highly targeted email lists have just as good if not better results than dealer-owned lists. For example, Worth Advertising Group constantly updates our email lists to ensure they are up to date, contain active subscribers interested in buying a vehicle, and are already in the sales process. The leads we generate for car dealers turn inquiries into car sales.