Why Automotive Video Marketing Helps Connect With Generation Z

How to Connect With Gen Z Online

One of the best ways automotive dealerships can connect online with Gen Zers is through video distribution and marketing. According to Adobe.com, an estimated 65 percent of the Gen Z age group use Instagram daily, 62 percent use YouTube daily, and almost all have smartphones. This is why video marketing is almost necessary if you want to sell cars to people in this generation group.

Automotive video marketing helps you captivate this audience. Your dealership will see an increase in both new customer acquisition and online engagement if you incorporate video marketing into your sales strategy.

Generation Z Is Transforming Online Automotive Marketing

Gen Zs are spearheading the way people shop online. The same applies to how consumers buy cars.  While online marketing isn’t something new, and dealerships have practiced it for over 15 years, the way it is done now compared to them is a night and day difference.

Static banner ads are replaced with video versions, television commercials no longer have the same impact as online video advertising, and social media platforms such as Instagram and TicToc allow dealers to publish unique video content. Add in YouTube channels, and dealerships have multiple marketing areas they didn’t have just a few years ago.

Content Marketing For Gen Z

The best content marketing for Generation Zers is creating video content that entertains, educates and engages them. The average user spends almost 30 minutes on YouTube per visit, according to Statisa.com. Video commercial advertising makes an impact, but creating a channel with unique videos from your dealership can be a great way to introduce your brand, dealer services and location to local customers who haven’t visited your showroom or service center.

Some ideas for dealership videos include:

  • Showroom and service center walk-through videos
  • Vehicle demonstration videos
  • Car buyer testimonial videos
  • DIY car care videos
  • Dealership event videos
  • Team member/salesperson interview videos
  • Current automotive monthly specials videos

Generation Z Prefers Video Content

Creating video content is the best way to get your dealership messages to connect with the Generation Z  crowd. Engagement rates are much higher for video content than traditional online marketing like static banner ads, text ads and standard remarketing ads. Creating entertaining video content will help grow your customer base simply by gaining users who will likely share your content with friends and family.

Online sources say that Snapchat and TikTok are considered the best platform for video content. The average user, aged 18 to 25, spends over 10 hours each week viewing video content on these two video apps. This high view rate makes them the perfect marketing platforms for dealerships to put themselves in front of Gen Zers.