How Dealerships Can Attract Car Buyers With Model Research Pages

Car Make and Model Research Pages

An educated car buyer is typically an easy sell when they walk into your dealership, and this is why we recommend creating automotive model research pages on your dealer’s website. While vehicle listings show detailed information about the car, trucks and SUVs for sale on your lot, they do not educate consumers about the model like model research papers or pages do.

When a car shopper finds your website through organic search or from your online paid ads, you want to provide them with as much information as possible so they are comfortable buying from you. By creating pages on your website containing detailed information about specific models, potential car buyers can learn more about the vehicles you sell and their features. Other insightful facts could entice them to choose a specific model they may not have considered buying.

Researching New Car Specs

Vehicle models change, as do their features and specs, making automotive research pages a vital selling tool because they let car buyers know precisely what they are purchasing. The average consumer looking for a new car usually shops by price range to stay within their budget. They will immediately search through inventory stock to find vehicles that fall within the pricing range they are comfortable purchasing however they may not be able to decide on the best make and model due to a lack of knowledge about the available vehicles.

Creating automotive model research pages will make the buying process much easier for the person deciding what they want to buy and for your salespeople when they walk into your dealership to make a purchase. Another benefit of having model research pages on your website is the ability to show them to people sitting in front of a salesperson. They may be interested in more than one vehicle on the lot and need help deciding. This is particularly helpful in used car sales if the car shopper is interested in a make and model that your dealership doesn’t represent.

Educating Car Buyers About Automotive Models

Car buyers who are educated about automotive models tend to buy a vehicle they will enjoy owning versus those who pick a vehicle based on its price. When dealerships take time to teach consumers about the features and specs of specific models, they educate the buyer and show them that they want them to get the best vehicle within their budget. Some people prefer performance over comfort; others may want a vehicle with basic features and good gas mileage, while others may not know what they want when they walk into your showroom to buy a vehicle.

Optimizing Model Research Pages (MRPs) For Organic Search

Suppose your dealership decides to create an online strategy using MRPs. In that case, you must create a user-friendly landing page that provides the standard specs about the vehicle and unique content that other dealers are not offering. Well-written and informative pages will rank well organically in Google search results.

If and when your model research pages start ranking well in local search results, you will see an increase in traffic which can result in your dealership getting more inquires and leads from car buyers who want to buy a new or used car, truck or SUV from your dealer location.