Video Email Marketing For Automotive Dealers

Automotive Video Marketing Engages Car Buyers

We think videos are great bonus content when mixed with vehicle offers that will entertain people receiving your emails and provide a much more personalized experience. Using video content in your email marketing campaigns is a great way to increase click-through and conversion rates. Videos highlighting what your dealership offers make your email more effective and engaging to your subscribers.

Video Email Content Attracts Gen Zers

We recently shared a blog that discusses why video content is a good way to attract Generation Zers. This article contains some reasons and helpful tips that dealerships can use to better connect with the Gen Z crowd. Including a video or multiple videos in your email campaigns is becoming a more popular practice because of its marketing effectiveness.

Video is becoming a standard marketing vertical because the average user spends almost 30 minutes on YouTube per visit. If your dealership creates unique content for your channel, users will likely spend more time watching your videos.

When To Use Videos In Car Dealer Email Marketing Campaigns

Video marketing is a great way to showcase what your dealership offers and convey your dealership’s company culture and overall personality. Videos can be a fun and entertaining way to show car buyers a different side of your business because you now provide a more personalized level of marketing. You’re giving your subscribers a face to connect with your dealership’s name, making them more comfortable and likely to reach out to your sales team.

Some ways to promote your dealership are to include these types of video content in your email marketing messages:

  • Walk-through videos of your dealer showroom and service area
  • In-stock vehicle demonstration videos
  • Recent car buyer testimonial videos from customers
  • Simple do-it-yourself car care videos
  • Videos of dealership events
  • Get to know your staff interviews
  • Monthly promotions and specials

Best Ways To Email Video

While you technically can’t embed videos into your email campaigns because most email platforms do not display videos within messages, you can encourage email list subscribers to watch them on YouTube or other social media channels by including a screenshot and a link to the video. Encouraging recipients to click on a video link will also allow you to track data such as click-through rate and even how much time the user spent watching the videos.

However, Gmail will now display a playable version of the video at the bottom of your message, which makes it easier for subscribers to watch your videos.

One recommendation is to create a custom landing page on your dealership’s website with the video embedded on the page. This way, you lead the subscriber directly to your website rather than a social media page. Subscribers will be more likely to browse your web pages and vehicle inventory when subscribers come directly to your website.