Tier 2 Automotive Advertising

What Is Tier 2 Dealer Advertising?

Tier 2 advertising helps dealerships brand themselves within their local market area. The main objective of tier 2 marketing is to place your marketing messages in front of consumers so they will choose your dealer brand over competitors.

An advantage of tier 2 campaigns is that auto manufacturers collaborate with their designated dealers giving them more exposure in the region. While tier 2 advertising will group multiple dealers in the campaigns, it is still a great way to market your dealership in your local area.

Tier 2 Marketing Campaigns

Tier 2 marketing campaigns are cost-effective because auto manufacturers contribute a large portion of the marketing money to run these ads. Advertising usually consists of television or online ads and email marketing. These types of ad campaigns provide dealerships the opportunity to expand into bigger markets.

The cost associated with tier 2 advertising is generally affordable because several dealerships help pay for the campaigns. Tier 2 campaigns help dealers boost sales revenue by increasing the volume of leads. By partnering with your OEM, you can introduce your dealership to consumers living within your marketing region who may not be familiar with your location.

Tier 2 Automotive Dollars

Tier 2 automotive advertising dollars come from a group of dealers in the same region. These dealerships pool their marketing money to pay for the advertising campaign and a monetary contribution from the auto manufacturer they represent.

Having multiple dealers combine their advertising money cuts down the cost of branding in a specific area. This type of regional advertising effort is very common, and many dealerships like tier 2 campaigns because it introduces and reinforces their brand messages within their designated marketing area.

Invest In Tier 2 Campaigns

Dealerships investing marketing money into tier 2 campaigns tend to see sales revenue gains while lowering advertising costs by pooling their dollars with other dealers and OEMs. Successful dealer locations partake in tier 2 advertising to expand their consumer base by getting their brand and name in front of more local car buyers. Automotive dealers should take advantage of tier 2 campaigns because they share the cost of advertising with other dealerships and the manufacturer they represent.