What Is Automotive Conquest Email Marketing?

Conquest Automotive Email Marketing for Auto Dealers and OEMs

If you work in the automotive industry and sell cars, you have more than likely heard the terms “conquest marketing” or “targeted conquest emails”. While these are popular digital marketing tactics dealerships use to promote car sales, not everyone knows exactly what this type of marketing is.

Simply put, conquest email marketing campaigns help dealerships gain new customers.

New Car Buyer & Customer Acquisition Through Conquest Email Marketing

Conquest emails are never sent to your existing customer base, these are called customer retention campaigns. The primary purpose of this type of automotive email marketing is to target consumers who are interested in a specific vehicle manufacturer within a close proximity to your dealership.

There are two types of conquest advertising for automotive dealerships and OEMs :

Same Vehicle Brand from a Different Dealer
This conquest marketing tactics main focus is to take a brand loyal customer from a dealership selling the same manufacturer brand you sell and getting them to purchase a vehicle from your dealership.

Different Vehicle Brand from a New Dealership
This conquest marketing tactics main focus is to draw a customer who is not loyal to a manufacturer and shows interest in the brand you are selling.

Data Targeted Conquest Emails – Zip Codes (DMA), Vehicle Manufacturer & More

Our conquest consumer database allows us to create very targeted email lists to reach new customers located with your designated marketing area who have expressed interest in purchasing or leasing a new car, truck or SUV from your manufacturer.

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Our Conquest Email Data Lists:

  • Scrubbed regularly to ensure data is accurate & current.
  • Ensured compliant with the CAN SPAM Act.
  • Target exactly the right prospects who are considering making a purchase.

Our Automotive Marketing Agency Works With:

  • Automotive Dealers
  • OEM’s
  • Dealer Associations
  • Automotive Advertising Agencies
  • Automotive Marketing Firms