How Auto Dealerships Can Improve Marketing By Utilizing Data-Driven Targeting

What worked just a few years ago for dealers is not the same today, with the influx of using mobile devices, consumers have changed the way they research products and how they make decisions to purchase a vehicle. Regardless of the generation, consumer behavior now requires dealerships to alter the way they reach their targeted audience. This is due to customers wanting information to be more concise, personalized to their needs and available instantly on any device.

The dealerships we work with are beginning to utilize a data-driven approach to their advertising efforts. This means they are pin-pointing customers by choosing specific demographics in order to target the right consumers.

This is a great first step for those companies who do have a solid marketing team in place who can efficiently sift through the data and create successful marketing plans however if the in-house marketing team can’t effectively do this, it doesn’t matter how good the data is.

So, its up to the GM or owner to decide if the current marketing team within the dealership is capable of creating successful campaigns or if you will need to find an outside service provider, whether its on a consultation basis or hired to do the entire job.

We recommend that you adopt a data-driven approach to both your online and offline marketing in order to build a competitive marketing plan in order to compete with neighboring competitors in a cost-effective manner. By harnessing the power of data, you’ll gain better results and will deliver your dealership’s message in a more successful way. This is partly due to now having technology in place to track specific consumer actions such as click-through, call tracking and goal conversions.

In addition to targeted data list marketing, Worth Advertising Group also offers social media services, traditional advertising, digital advertising, SEO and email marketing.

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