Must-Have Components of a Successful Automotive Marketing Email

Creating The Best Automotive Email Marketing

Automotive email marketing, when done correctly, can and will produce results. It’s not a secret that email marketing is the best marketing method for connecting with local car buyers. When dealerships send out consistent email campaigns to communicate with their subscribers, they are more likely to retain them and see repeat business when they need a new car, or their vehicle serviced.

When creating your email marketing messages, you’ll need to check it before mailing it out to ensure your message is clear, there are no mistakes, and it can be viewed on different devices because once you hit the send button, you can’t undo it. This is why you should send test emails to a list of internal recipients to ensure it has no issues such as typos, broken images or problems viewing the email.

Ways To Improve Dealership Email Campaigns

There are key elements to an email campaign that you’ll want to confirm are in place before your campaign gets sent to your email list. It’s a great way to improve your open and click-through rates on your automotive email campaigns.

Check Your Grammar

Make sure to run spellcheck before sending out a campaign. You’ll also want to have other people read the email in case they notice something spellcheck or the person putting the email together didn’t notice. You’ll also want to avoid using spam trigger words to ensure your campaign lands in the subscriber’s inbox and not their spam box.

Personalize Your Campaign

If your email mailing system allows you to personalize messages, use it. Adding the email recipient’s name to the campaign’s subject line or greeting increases engagement. According to Campaign Monitor, emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened than those without.

Create Engaging Content

Boring and repetitive content will cause your email campaigns to have low open rates and high unsubscribe rates. The same applies to sending out emails that do not include engaging content. While selling vehicles is the main goal, subscribers do not want to see a sales pitch in every email they receive. Make your email messages interesting instead of mundane by including links to informative articles and interactive pages, highlighting vehicle features, showing testimonials and inserting links to video content.

Clear Call To Action & Links

Every email campaign has a purpose and needs a clear call to action to get the subscriber to visit your website, contact your dealership to buy a vehicle or schedule service. Your email message should always have links that take the recipient directly to pages on your website or other resources. Call-to-action links should be direct, so they are easy to read and draw attention to entice email list subscribers to click on them.

Cross Browser Testing

Automotive emails are sent to thousands of users, meaning your campaigns will be viewed on different types of devices and platforms. You’ll want to ensure that your email displays properly so every subscriber can see it without any issues or problems. One of the best ways to test cross-browser compatibility is by using a service such as Litmus. Another option is to have an internal list of users who can check the email campaigns on both MAC and PCs as well as iPhone and Android smartphones.