How To Market a Small Car Dealership

Small Dealerships Can Compete With Large Dealerships

One of the biggest misconceptions is that small dealerships can’t compete with large dealer groups. This statement is inaccurate because many smaller dealerships can create marketing strategies that are very effective against dealer groups while using less marketing money.

The key to successfully competing against dealer groups and large dealerships is how you spend your monthly budget, who you are targeting and what types of advertising you are investing in. Many small used car dealerships have a niche market, and when you figure out what yours is, you can fine-tune your marketing efforts to reach these consumers and create highly engaging campaigns.

Get Car Buyers To Your Dealership

There are several things small dealers can do to get more customers to come to their dealership showroom. Many tactics are the same ones that larger dealers use for marketing purposes.

Some of the most cost-effective ways to get more car buyers into your dealership consist of:

  • Managing your reputation online
  • Sending out consistent email marketing campaigns
  • Optimizing your website (SEO)
  • Monitoring PPC campaigns
  • Posting on social channels
  • Creating video content

Best Marketing For Small Car Dealers

The best marketing for small car dealers will vary depending on the needs and goals of your dealership. What may work for one location may not work for another. With this said, generally speaking, small car dealerships can see the best ROI by investing their marketing budget into sending promotional campaigns to their own email list, creating a well-optimized dealer website that is SEO friendly and publishing PPC ads on Google that are targeted to reach local car buyers.

Increasing Profits At Small Dealerships

Smaller dealerships can maximize overall profits by limiting discounts on their vehicles, offering less money for trade-ins, and selling vehicle warranties or maintenance plans. Another option is to include a dealer fee to increase the sale amount. Many dealers with on-site service centers can also increase sales by nurturing their customer list by offering regular maintenance and repair services.