Do Dealerships Need SEO Services?

Automotive SEO Services

The simple answer for dealership owners questioning whether they should invest in SEO services is YES! Optimizing your dealership’s website for organic search produces long-term results, unlike PPC, direct mail and email marketing campaigns without ongoing cost. Search engine optimization is one of the most overlooked tactics by dealers because most owners and general managers want instant gratification rather than setting their websites up for longevity.

SEO is a vital part of online marketing for dealerships of all sizes. Having your website optimized helps car buyers searching online find your website more quickly, and it can also help improve your quality scores for Google ad paid campaigns. The investment you make into optimizing your website will produce additional web traffic, primarily through search engines like DuckDuckGo, Yahoo and Bing, since not everyone likes or wants to use Google. With that said, Google tends to serve websites that have been optimized for search in higher ranking positions within search results.

Local SEO For Car Dealers

One of the most significant benefits of SEO is improving a dealership’s local search presence. By optimizing a website, Google Maps has a much easier time matching related content and pages, which helps your dealership’s listing show up more often. It can also help improve your map listing rankings when people are searching for car dealers and automotive services.

SEO Marketing Plan For Dealerships

Incorporating an SEO marketing plan should be included in your dealership’s monthly efforts to drive traffic to your website. Every SEO strategy should consist of optimizing pages, so your META titles and descriptions are written to include target keywords in conjunction with a content strategy. Content and SEO go hand in hand. The more content you add to your dealership’s website, the more keywords you can target. Remember, when creating a marketing plan that focuses on organic traffic that the content should use the EAT strategy to have the most significant impact.

Content For SEO Purposes

The best way to beat out other local dealerships in organic search is to create a content strategy for SEO. This means your marketing team or the agency you choose to work with must research and figure out what local car shoppers are searching for and create content to answer their questions. When you do this, your content will be served as the answer to their inquiry which also helps to reinforce that you are an expert in automotive industry topics.

Google and other search engines want to serve the best answer or solution to a person’s search inquiry. When you take time to create a content strategy that focuses on keywords and phrases they are searching for, your web pages have a greater chance of landing at the top of local search results.