Used Car Marketing Strategies

Pre-Owned Car Dealership Marketing Ideas

With 2022 on the horizon, used car dealers should already be conceptualizing their marketing strategies for the new year. Demand for pre-owned vehicles is at an all time high and dealerships with inventory should take full advantage by creating campaigns specifically to promote used car sales only. By eliminating offers for new vehicles from your marketing messages, you’re much more likely to connect with in-market buyers who are interested in purchasing a pre-owned car, truck or SUV.

Used Car Market Trends

The past 2 years have really changed the used car industry which also means dealerships should change how they do their used car sales marketing. Current market trends for selling pre-owned vehicles in 2022 include the following tactics:

  • Expand your digital marketing target area to include near-by counties. With used vehicle inventory at an all time low, people are willing to travel to dealerships further away if they have the used vehicles they are interested in buying in stock.
  • Promote upfront vehicle pricing. Be transparent and provide the sales price of used vehicles in your ads. Consumers who are currently shopping for used vehicles have done their research and usually know what they want to spend.
  • Offer online selling. One of the biggest car marketing trends is to offer online vehicle sales. Make it easy for car buyers and give them the option to purchase a vehicle from your website.
  • Use social media marketplaces to promote in stock vehicles. Many people search social media marketplaces for used vehicles for sale in their local area. Add your pre-owned inventory to generate leads.

Pre-Owned Dealer Advertising

Creating successful advertising campaigns for pre-owned dealers is similar to new vehicle sales. The only difference is, you’ll want to reinforce your messaging with offers for warranties, vehicle reports and maintenance specials to keep their car running. Cater to the used car buyer by designing campaigns that will lure used car buyers to visit your showroom.

How To Bring In Used Car Customers

The best way to get people to come to your used car dealership is to offer them the best service possible. A happy customer is someone who will continue to come back. The next is to promote your dealership and to give car shoppers a reason to buy a vehicle from you by proving the best pricing, incentives and offers. You can do this through a combination of social media promotions, PPC campaigns, print ads, direct mailers or email marketing campaigns.