Automotive Competitor Conquesting

Conquest Marketing Campaigns

Conquest marketing is used by automotive dealerships to target local competitors’ customers by using PPC, email marketing and social media campaigns. Ad campaigns focusing on competitor conquesting use data segments and keywords to target competitors’ products and brands.

The whole point of conquesting is to steal customers from other dealerships. Automotive conquest marketing campaigns are entirely about convincing prospective consumers who are already looking at your competitor dealers to buy from your dealership instead.

What is Competitor Conquesting?

Competitor conquesting ad campaigns are primarily used to build brand exposure for your dealership and gain consumers’ attention and interest over a competitor in your local marketing area. Email marketing and paid search campaigns to reach car buyers are two of the most effective conquest strategies that dealerships use.

The reason these two types of marketing strategies work well for competitor conquesting is that consumers are always online, and they tend to spend several weeks or even months researching before they finally select a vehicle and a dealer to purchase from. Both PPC and email marketing help you keep your dealership’s marketing messages front and center while they go through the sales funnel process.

SEM Conquest Ads

Search engine marketing is considered one of the best ways to set up conquest ads that target individuals who may be loyal to another dealership in your marketing area. You can create ad sets that use your direct competitors’ names as target keywords.

Email marketing is another excellent way to reach car buyers by creating a highly targeted email list of prospects looking for the vehicles and services your dealership offers. Email conquest campaigns are affordable and put your marketing messages in front of shoppers.

These two types of conquest advertising tactics are effective ways for you to brand and promote your dealer location to people who are interested in buying a new car or getting their vehicle serviced.

Luring Consumers Away From Your Competitors

Stealing customers from rival dealers may seem daunting; however, it can be done. Consistent conquest marketing campaigns will lure consumers away from other dealerships. Some of the best methods include offering better discounts and promotions, promoting your stellar service and expertise, treating customers with respect and providing a better car buying experience than competing dealers.