Automotive Co-Op Advertising For Dealerships

Co-Op Programs for Auto Dealers

Combining dealership advertising with OEM contributions is a great way to reach local car buyers. Automotive dealerships that create consistent ads specific to the OEM brand they offer tend to sell more cars than dealers who refrain from using co-op advertising.

Cooperative marketing programs mutually benefit both the manufacturer and the dealer as both companies expand their marketing reach by spending less of their own money on campaigns. Dealerships can run ads more consistently and aggressively with the money they are given to promote themselves.

What is Co-Op Advertising?

Co-op marketing falls under the Tier 2 automotive advertising umbrella. Automotive co-op advertising is a collaboration between vehicle manufacturers and car dealerships to split the cost of local advertising. OEMs provide dealerships selling their brand with funds to create ads that mention the vehicle’s make and models.

Co-op ads cut advertising costs for dealerships because the manufacturer they represent will help pay for a portion of the campaign. Cooperative advertising allows local car dealers to expand their customer reach within their designated marketing area.

5 Types of Cooperative Advertising For OEMs & Dealerships

  • Television Commercials
  • Radio Ads
  • Print Ads
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Email Marketing Campaigns

Automotive OEM Co-Op Email Marketing

Automotive OEMs and dealerships can combine their budgets to create a compelling and successful co-op email marketing campaign. It is challenging to get data on how many people are paying attention to your TV, radio and print ads, whereas sending tier 2 automotive emails provides detailed reporting on how many people saw the email and interacted by clicking on a link.

Conquest email marketing is one of the best ways to spend your co-op advertising budget. It puts your dealership in front of car buyers who may be unfamiliar with your dealer location and even the brand of vehicle you sell. Dealerships can also use co-op marketing money to retain their customers by creating retention email campaigns to keep people coming back when they need automotive service or another car, truck or SUV.

Dealership and OEM Co-op Program Partnerships

Car dealers and manufacturers benefit from running a co-op advertising program to promote a local dealership and the brand they sell. Co-op ads are a great and affordable way for dealerships to build their local presence and increase lead generation.

Automotive cooperative program partnerships are great for dealerships to create a better relationship with their OEM while increasing exposure for the manufacturer’s brand. The best advantage of co-op advertising for dealerships is that Tier 2 ad campaigns lower the overall cost of marketing.