What Services Do Automotive Marketing Companies Offer Dealerships?

How Dealerships Can Promote Their Car Brand Using Online Advertising Services

When a dealership is short staffed or they have a small or non-existing in-house marketing team, a full-service automotive marketing agency can step in to help with marketing. Most agencies who promote dealers provide niche services they specialize in. It is rare to find one automotive agency that not only offers every single services your dealerships needs but is also capable of handling it all.

Our company, Worth Advertising Group, specializes in automotive email marketing while companies like Dealeron provide website content solutions or SocialDealer offers reputation and social media account management services.

What Is Full-Service Marketing?

There are many advantages to using a full-service automotive marketing company. These agencies can handle most, if not all of your digital marketing needs. Companies have experienced teams in place to handle everything from strategy planning to implementation to reporting. A full-service provider will take full control of your digital marketing strategy and techniques with the goal of creating cost-effective strategies. They will also target automotive audiences using proven techniques to convert online leads into sales.

Working With a Full-Service Automotive Marketing Agency

Dealerships who hire full-service automotive marketing agencies to handle promoting their car brand and dealer location, free up time that can be spent improving user experience within the showroom. You’ll have a team of professionals handling everything which allows you not worry about marketing.

Most Common Services Offered By Automotive Marketing Companies

Finding an all-in-one provider for automotive is unlikely. Many companies in the car industry have great working relationships with one another to be able to provide a range of services. We list some of the most common services provided by digital marketing companies who work with dealerships and auto service shops.

Web Development

Designing and building websites is a service many automotive marketing agencies offer although a large portion of dealerships use packaged content management systems which eliminates the need for a web developer. Pay-here-buy-here lots may opt to have a local web development company build a website or a dealership with an in-house team may prefer a custom built website.

Email Marketing

An essential part of automotive advertising consists of email marketing campaigns. You’ll find several email marketing agencies in the United States. Email marketing campaign strategies can include conquest, retention, auto-drip and promotional.

Search Engine Optimization

Competing in organic search results for page 1 positions requires a solid SEO strategy. A lot of automotive websites have built in search engine optimization tools that auto-populate META tags. Dealership websites that have custom META titles and descriptions written by SEO professionals tend to rank higher in search engine results.

Content Creation

Dealerships so not utilize content writing services as much as they should. Hiring professional content writers to create articles for dealer websites is an effective way to improve organic rankings. Creating engaging content is also a great for creating post ideas for social media. Content provides long-term results from the small monthly investment.

Social Media

A good social media strategy for dealerships consists of a variety of post types. To consistently create content for social media pages requires a strategist who can plan weeks ahead. Many in-house marketing teams are unable to handle social media accounts. Hiring a 3rd party provider who specializes in automotive content is a great way to grow your social media presence.

PPC Marketing

Paid online advertising is a necessary tactic for dealerships. Having an experienced PPC marketing expert create and monitor your campaigns will result in lower cost, higher ROI and more leads. Dealerships who have inexperienced people working on their PPC campaigns will spend more money than dealers who have hired an online advertising company to run their search ads.

Print Advertising

Advertising in printed local publications like newspapers and magazines is still a tactic many dealerships use. Print marketing is not offered by most digital marketing agencies. Dealers should find a company that specializes in full-print advertising services that include everything from design to direct mailings.