InfoRide® Auctions For Car Dealers

Online Car Dealer Auction Platform

InfoRide®  Auctions is a leading platform that provides automotive reverse auction services to car dealerships and buyers. The company is dedicated to creating a transparent, efficient, and innovative marketplace that connects buyers and sellers, streamlines the bidding process and ensures the best possible prices for both parties.

How Do InfoRide® Auctions Work?

InfoRide®  Auctions offers an easy-to-use online platform that allows dealerships to list their vehicles for sale and invite potential buyers to bid on them. Buyers can browse a wide selection of cars, view detailed information, and submit bids. The bidding process is entirely transparent; buyers can see the current highest bid and the number of bids on each vehicle.

Why Dealerships Should Use InfoRide® Auction

One of the main advantages of using InfoRide®  Auctions is the platform’s ability to drive competition and maximize the selling price for dealerships. Dealerships can sell their inventory quickly and efficiently, reducing the time and resources required to sell each vehicle individually. As multiple buyers bid on a car, the selling price drops, and the competition drives the price down to the lowest possible level.

In addition to helping dealerships sell their vehicles, InfoRide® Auctions also benefits buyers by providing a wide selection of high-quality cars at competitive prices. Buyers can browse various makes and models, view detailed information about each vehicle, and bid on the ones that meet their needs and budget. The platform’s bidding system ensures buyers get the best price on their preferred car without negotiating or haggling.

The InfoRide® App For Car Buyers

Another advantage of using InfoRide® Auctions is the platform’s advanced features and tools, designed to enhance the user experience and streamline the bidding process. The platform’s search and filtering options allow buyers to find the vehicles that meet their specific needs, such as make, model, year, and price range. Our car buying app also offers a comprehensive vehicle history report and inspection services to ensure buyers can make an informed decision before bidding on a vehicle.

The platform provides secure and reliable payment and delivery options, ensuring a hassle-free and convenient buying experience. Buyers can pay using various payment methods, such as wire transfer, credit card, or financing. In addition, Inforide Auctions offers nationwide delivery services, ensuring that buyers can get their vehicles delivered to their doorstep quickly and safely.