How Emails Can Help Dealerships Reach New Car Buyers and To Boost More Sales

Connecting Dealers With People In The Market For A New Car

The numbers are growing in 2020 for people shopping for new vehicles online. Mostly due to Covid-19, although the industry was starting to shift towards more internet based sales.

One of the easiest ways for car dealerships to reach new cars buyers in their area is through email marketing. This tactic has been used for many years by both manufacturers and dealers because it works when done correctly. By using auto intender consumer data or conquest marketing email lists, you can keep your brand, your vehicles and service center in the eyes of the consumer.

Local Consumer Email Lists For Car Dealerships

Our agency is one of the best in the industry for providing emails to OEMs, dealers and dealer groups. No matter the size of your dealership, Worth Advertising Group can provide you with new car buyer leads through our email marketing services.

Tier 3 Automotive Marketing

Tier 3 automotive email marketing lists are a great way for local dealers to reach car shopped in their designated marketing area. The email list can be narrowed down to only include people that meet your marketing demographic requirements. To learn more, we have an informative page for you to read about tier 3 automotive email marketing.

Automotive Conquest Marketing

Conquest marketing is highly targeted because all of the people have already expressed interest in a particular make and model. They are also well into the car buying process which makes conquest email marketing one of the most cost-effective email marketing tactics. We’ll get your message in front of consumers who are ready to purchase a vehicle you have on your lot.

Reach Your Target Car Buying Audience With Verified Email Lists

There are many email agencies that sell and rent consumer data and email addresses for marketing purposes but it doesn’t alway means it is good data. The consumer email lists we offer, are all verified and kept up to date. This ensures our clients are paying to send emails to recipients who are not only interested in buying a car but have opted in to our databases.

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